How To Apply for a Tourist Visa In Belgium

How To Apply for a Tourist Visa In Belgium

  • The application for a tourist visa by presenting yourself at the appropriate Belgian consulate or embassy in the country you reside in.
  • If there isn’t a Belgian consulate or embassy within your home country You should contact the Belgian consulate responsible for the nation (usually found in a neighboring country).
  • This embassy can also tell that you have the option of submitting your visa application to the country where you reside through the embassy of a different Schengen country.
  • If you’re traveling to Belgium, you may apply for a tourist short-stay visa (up to 90 days) visa at the Belgian consulate or embassy in the country you’re in at the moment.
  • In this instance the application has to be made available for review by FPS Home Affairs Immigration Service at FPS Home Affairs for their decision that could take time. This option is not available in the case of longer-stay (over 90 days) visa applications.

Documents Required Apply for a Tourist Visa

  • A valid passport for at minimum 6 months, with blank pages to stamp the visa
  • Two 2″ 2″ modern high-definition personal passport photos on white backgrounds;
  • Completed Belgium visa application form;
  • Documentation of the trip to Belgium like an itinerary
  • Visa fee payment (cash money order, money order, or Certified Check);
  • Self-addressed return envelope that includes postage.

Office Locations and Contacts

List of foreign Embassies

World Trade Center, Tour II

Antwerpsesteenweg, 59 B / Chausse dAnvers 59b

1000 Brussels

Information Desk

Tel. : 02/793.80.00

E-mail :

Minister for Foreign Affairs

Mr. Didier ReyndersDidier Reynders,


How To Apply for a Tourist Visa In Belgium
How To Apply for a Tourist Visa In Belgium

Immigration Services in Brussels

rue des Petits Carmes 15

Brussels 1000

Belgium Show the map

+32 25 018 111


Kingdom of Belgium Foreign Affairs,

International trade and development cooperation.


FPS Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation

rue des Petits Carmes 15 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Phone number: +32 (0)2 010 81 11

Public transport editPublic transport[ edit

Train: railway station Bruxelles Central – Brussel Centraal
Tram: 92 and (Place Royale Koningsplein)
Metro: Lines 2 and 6. (Porte of Namur to Naamsepoort)
Bus Lines 27 38, 71, 95 (Koningsplein) Lines 34 54, 71, and 80 (Porte de Namur Naamsepoort) Naamsepoort)

RouteFollow the signs for central Brussels and then take the Petite Ceinture/Kleine ring and exit Porte de Namur/Naamsepoort.

What Are All The Eligibility

This visa subclass is eligible and is issued to:

  • A foreigner who would like to visit Belgium to visit Belgium for any reason apart from work.
  • Anyone from any country who wishes to travel to Belgium for an entry visa that is appropriate for the reason for their stay.
  • The goal isn’t just to go on vacation or to enjoy a sightseeing trip, or for recreation.

A Entry Visa only allows a individual to enter the country for 30 days. should they wish for a longer stay Belgium you can request an extension through the Ministry of foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and cooperation for development.


A Tourist Visa for Pleasure you pay a cost of 120 euros (160 USD)


  • The validity is usually 6 months from the date of issue for stays of up to 30-90 days for each entry.
  • Visas aren’t extended, so the application needs to be made every time you have to travel to Belgium.

Processing Time

  • Between 48 hours and 8 weeks, based on the nationality and residency status. You can apply via mail and/or in person.
  • Certain nationals are required to be able to apply on their own (contact Consulate or the Consular section of the Embassy for more information).


  • The visa is issued solely to be used for tourism purposes.
  • It is essential to provide the correct passport.
  • The passport should be valid for at minimum at least six (6) months of validity left prior to expiration, and at least one blank visa page to get an visa stamp.
  • It is best to apply in person.

Requirements Information

  • A valid passport that is at the very least valid for 6 months. validity
  • One Clear Coloured photograph
  • Letter of application to the immigration services, passport located in Brussels within the ministry of foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation.
  • Application form completed
  • Receipt of the payment of LE 50 in the case of Category A regular Visa.
  • Request letter to the Passport Immigration and National Authority
  • Security clearance for police either is available in English or Arabic
  • A copy of the CV that is signed by the applicant

Documentation is needed Apply for a Tourist Visa

The application in person for an Tourist Visa in person to the appropriate Belgian consulate or embassy in the country you’re from. If you travel to Belgium you could be asked to provide any of these documents

  • a hotel reservation
  • Return ticket or any other form of proof of having enough money to pay for the cost of your trip (e.g. cash, cheques, or credit cards acceptable in Belgium or a financial support document that is signed by the consulate or embassy).

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