How to Apply for a Tourist Visa In Mozambique

Apply for a Tourist Visa In Mozambique By Online

  1. Review the instructions for review based on the motive of the trip to Mozambique
  2. Print and complete, print and such as Travisa’s Global Service Order Form
  3. Complete all required visa requirements for a visa as listed in the following table to Travisa. Mozambique Visa Applications are processed within 14 days.
Step 1

You can send them the documents required by email (see the requirements below). The passport bio page that has been scanned is able to be attached to your email in the form of an “jpg” or “pdf” document.

Step 2

They’ll use these documents to submit an application for “Visa Acceptance” from the department of immigration. The process usually takes between 48 and 72 hours, however in certain instances, the process could be as long as 10 days to finish. The approval can also be referred to by the name of “visa reference number” or “visa authorization number”.

Step 3.

In the end, we’ll use the visa approval process to get the visa stamp upon arrival. They can also give you a copy of the visa for you to present to the Mozambique Embassy in order to get the visa stamp prior to leaving your country. Be aware that if you opt for this route, the staff of the embassy will ask you to fill out an application form, and then provide photographs (see below for further details). The application form is not required to obtain a visa upon arrival.

Important note: Please note that the majority of airliners must have a copy of the visa stamp (or an official visa stamp) before allowing you take the plane. They will give you an official copy of the visa approval if you’ll travel via plane. Tourists who arrive via land borders don’t need an approval document in advance, since the agent of the operator will be there at the time of arrival to take care of the formalities for you.

Required Documents For Apply for a Tourist Visa

  • Original passport, signed by the author.
  • Mozambique Visa Application Form:
  • Two signed Mozambique visa application forms plus one copy.
  • Photo Requirements:
  • Two recent 2×2 passport-style photos in full color, front view, and with a plain white background. OR Upload an image of your passport on the Global Service Order Form when you make your purchase, instead of supplying photographs of your passport in physical form.
  • Always hire a recommended professional photographer to ensure that there are no delays.
  • The Official Invitation of Mozambique:

An approval from Mozambique’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Mozambique or system number that identifies approval notification that was sent via Mozambique Embassy. Mozambique Embassy in the nation of residency.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Cooperation

Av. November 10 Av. November 10

Maputo, Mozambique

Telephone: +258 21 32 70 00/9

Fax: +258 21 32 70 20/1



Ministry of Interior

Av. Olof Palme 46/48. Maputo

C.P. 290, Maputo

Telephone: 258-21-303510, 320131/2

Fax: 258-21-420084

Mozambique Diplomatic Missions abroad.

A list of these diplomatic missions can be obtained from,


An individual who holds an Original Passport that is signed and valid for six months and beyond.


The fees vary based on the location the visa is issued and some fees are as follows:

Costs charged by the Immigration Service

1.Tourist Visa Single Entry (60 jours) $60

2.Tourist Visa Double Entry (60 jours) $90

3.Tourist Visa Multiple Entry (90 day) $135


Visas are typically issued for multiple or single entries that allow up to 45 days, 90 days or 180 calendar days contingent on the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Mozambique and the discretion of the consulate.

Processing Time

Mozambique visas are typically processed within 4-7 business day. Express or emergency visa services could be offered for additional costs. You can go to Mozambique Consular Fees and Visa Processing Options link for more information.


1.Applicants need to have a passport has an empty visa page;

2.Applicants must be able to abide by the regulations and rules for the entire country.

3.Applicants must be aware the Tourist visa can be described as a brief duration visa.

4.Always make sure you use the designated entry points to enter the country.

5.Applicants must be aware of the fact that the possession of a visa doesn’t guarantee entry into the country.

6.Entry could be denied even if the person has an entry visa

7.Paid visa fees aren’t refundable in the event of refusal of visa applications;

8.Ensure the you’re carrying sufficient money to cover the time you are staying in the country.

9.Do not provide false information when making an application for visa

10.Incomplete applications will result in delays in the process of granting visas;

11.Application for a visa to enter business may be made separately or in conjunction;

12.An applicant may apply for an individual or multiple business visas

13.Do not remain in the country past the validity of the visa

14.Applicants who want to remain in the country following visa expires should extend their validity before the date of expiry;

15.Applicants should be good-looking and good health.

16.Applicants who have diplomatic or service-related passports as well as Laissez Passer need to obtain an official diplomatic note through their own Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassy or Consulate, or International Organization concerned;

17.Paying visa fees do not automatically entitle you to a visa. A visa application can be denied even after visa fees have been paid;

18.An granted single-visa is required to be utilized in 60 (60) days of the date of issue;

19.Visa that is not used in the next sixty (60) is considered to be ineligible.

The Information You Need

1.Name and postal address the applicant

2.Age of applicant, gender and Marital Status of the person applying

3.Citizenship of the applicant

4.Purpose of travel to the country

5.Name of the host company in Namibia

6.Address of the host company

7.Nature of the business of the host company

8.Position submitted by the applicant to the host company

9.Duration duration of the stay

10.Travel Information (flight that will be utilized the date of departure, date of arrival, and departure dates from the country)

11.Financial capacity of the applicant

12.Details of the location where the applicant will be staying during their stay staying in Slovakia i.e. hotel information or the details of the host

13.Details of those you travel with (if there are any)

Documentation is needed

Tourist visas to Mozambique is now open to tourists from abroad who want to travel Mozambique.

Every traveler will require valid passports for their journeys to Mozambique. Additionally, the passport should have un-used visa pages to allow an visa to be granted. Mozambique Government suggests that anyone who travels to Mozambique must have at minimum six months of validity remaining on their passport at all times.

They also suggest that you have at minimum two pages of free space in the Visas area of your passport prior to any travel abroad. travel.For U.S. citizens can have extra passport pages added to passports as quick as in 24 hours.

Citizens from other countries need to apply for an invitation for Mozambique by presenting a valid passport at the closest consulate for Mozambique in the country of the country of.

Be aware that the application process and charges may differ depending on the location. If there isn’t a consulate for Mozambique in the country of your origin, there could be an consulate for Mozambique in a neighbouring country which is under the territory of your country.

Information that can be useful

  1. Incorrectly filled Mozambique visa forms could delay process of processing your Mozambique visa.
  2. The Mozambique Embassy Mozambique cannot issue a visa to an unregistered passport with an expired or valid visa issued to Israel. Visas or entry can be denied to travelers if the passport has Israeli stamps.
  3. Reservations and tickets that are not refundable shouldn’t be purchased until all passports and visas are in safe possession.

Other uses for the document/certificate

  • It can be used to prove the travel of banks and financial institutions.

External Links!mozambique-Tourist-visa!mozambique-business-visa


  • Utilize Mozambique extensive consular and embassy database to locate the closest one. When you contact the embassy, confirm all the documents required and the time required to issue the visa, and whether the consulate will accept applications via mail.



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