How to Apply for a Work Permit In Mozambique

Apply for a Work Permit In Mozambique By Online

1.You should begin with obtaining a certificate of equivalence. This can be available by contacting the Ministry of Education:

  • Thus, you must submit your application to obtain a certification of equivalence, and send this to the Ministry together with your academic documentation;
  • After the Ministry receives the documents, they’re examined and analyzed to confirm that they meet the requirements for qualifications for the position you will be taking on.
  • If the documents are deemed acceptable by the ministry of education, the certificate of equivalence is given to you from the minister of education.

2.Thereafter follow up with the process of obtaining a Work Authorization from the Ministry of Labour to work in Mozambique from the Ministry of Labour.

  • In this situation, make an request for authorization and send your application to National Institute of Labour and Employment where the employer’s company is located, or send it for approval to Provincial Delegations in the city of Maputo;
  • After the application has been received it will be reviewed and, following a review, whether all the requirements have been met the application is deemed to be approved and authorization given through the Ministry of Labour;

3.After the Ministry of Labour has given you your authorization through the Ministry of Labour, you are now able to apply for a work permit.

  • In this instance, locate the diplomatic mission that is suing (Mozambican embassies and high commissions as well as consulates) in the foreign country;
  • If you visit the agency listed above to obtain an application for a work permit complete it with care and accurately.
  • Then, you must submit the completed form along with the required documents to the agency that you identified;
  • After receiving the application, all documents are evaluated and if they are approved, after receiving approval by the Immigration Service, a work permit is issued.

Required Document For Apply for a Work Permit

1.Valid Passport

2.Passport size photos

3.Criminal Record Certificate

4.Identification documentation of the candidate

5.Three (3) three copies of the employee contract

6.Copies of Certificate of academic or technical-professional qualifications of applicant

7.Documentary evidence of applicants’ professional expertise

8.Opinion of the Enterprise Trade Union Committee

9.Employers registration certificate;

10.Employers business license

Office Locations and Contacts

Immigration Service

Ministry of Interior

Av. Olof Palme 46/48. Maputo

C.P. 290, Maputo

Telephone: 258-21-303510, 320131/2

Fax: 258-21-420084

Ministry of Labour

Av. 24 de Julho 2351, Maputo

Telephone No. : +258 21 428301

Fax: +258 21 421881

Mozambique Diplomatic Missions abroad.

A list of these diplomatic missions can be obtained from

Ministry of Education

Avenida 24 de Julho 167, Maputo

Telephone Number. : (21) 492-006/830

Fax: (21) 492-196



A foreigner assigned to work on Mozambique in a fair length of time.


Two (2) years

Renewal for two (2) years per renewal period until employment contract expires.

Processing Time

  • A certificate of equivalent from the Ministry of education between two (2) weeks and three (3) months
  • Work allow for fifteen (15) days


1.A work permit is required prior to travelling to Mozambique;

2.Recruitment of a candidate must get the blessing of the Employment Centre of the National Institute of Employment and Professional Training before the applicant seeks work permits;

3.Applicants should also make sure that their academic records are accepted through the Ministry of education;

4.Applications are available by Mozambican ambassadors to other nations;

5.An applicant can reach out to an attorney, a consulting firm, or a person who is who is familiar with the procedure to aid in obtaining an employment permit.

6.Applicants are advised that they must apply to get a visa as early as is possible, but at minimum thirty (30) days prior to the their travel date.

7.An applicant must complete an the application using a prescribed form

8.Applications are to be made in person

9.Ensure the documents are submitted in Portuguese;

10.Documents that are not in Portuguese need to be translated, and certified as genuine copies;

Requirements Information

1.The name and address of the applicant

2.Name as well as address for the employer

3.Details of the field of work of the applicant. 4.Details of the field of activity of the

4.The type of category, function, and duties that an applicant has to be able to perform.

5.The term of the contract

6.Qualification specifics of applicant

7.Experience of the applicant

8.Details of any person who is to travel with

The Document is required

Work permits are legal authorization granted to foreigners to allow him or her to be employed in a particular country. Permits for work for Mozambique can be obtained by the government’s Immigration Service through Mozambican Diplomatic Missions (Embassies, High Commissions and Consulates) in other countries. They also receive assistance from various other ministries of the government, including the Ministry of Labour and Ministry of Education. Ministry of Labour and Ministry of Education.

Information that can be useful

1.For an international worker working in Mozambique they has to obtain authorization by Mozambique’s Ministry of Labour, therefore prior to applying for an authorization to work the foreign worker must verify that he or she has been granted permission through the Ministry of Labour to work in the country.

Other uses for the document/certificate

1.A work permit permits foreigners to remain and work in Mozambique so long as they have valid permits.

2.Issuance permit to work generates revenues to the government

3.It permits new skills to be introduced into the country

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