How to Apply for Animal Post Mortem In India

Apply for Animal Post Mortem In India By Yourself

If an animal is killed an animal dies, a post-mortem needs to be conducted to obtain insurance, or to determine the reasons for death to stop the spread of the diseases, if they exist.

  1. It is the Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary for the state of the particular state is the responsible department to manage this procedure.
  2. Find the nearest Veterinary Officer/Doctor from the Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary in your region immediately after the passing or a loss of an animal.
  3. In the office, fill out the application on a piece of paper, in the prescribed format , and then send it in with the required documents listed in our “Required documents” section on this page.
  4. The applicant must notify that the Insurance Company if the post-mortem is required to support a claim for insurance.
  5. The application once accepted will be handled.
  6. The closest Veterinary Surgeon could examine the issue to obtain more details on the issue if they feel it is necessary.
  7. The veterinary surgeon will carry out the post mortem and provide his report to the patient within a of that is 3 (three) jours.
  8. If the death is believed to be due to any illness, the designated veterinarian Surgeon will forward the samples (morbid or serum) to a laboratory for analysis.
  9. The Veterinary Surgeon will provide the report of post-mortem in the 3 (three) days of the receipt of the results of the test at the lab.


  1. The applicant applying for the valuation certificate must mention the specifics (type that animal. The Purpose and use of the animal – Milking/breeding/ploughing of animal for which the valuation certificate is required)
  2. Please choose the state’s name to access the State Procedure.

    Required Documents For Apply for Animal Post Mortem

    • Application form
    • Residential Proof: Certificate of Residence issued by the local administration officeor Aadhaar card/Passport or Driving License/Ration Card or Govt. ID card or Defence ID Card/ PAN Card.
    • Aadhaar card


    • All originals and copies of the original must be self-attested according to the directions of authorities concerned to be provided as per the requirements.
    • In addition to the documents above, authorities can request additional documents or other information. They will require these documents for processing.

    Office Locations and Contacts

    Animal Husbandry Unit,
    Govt.Of NCT Of Delhi,
    First Floor Veterinary Hospital Tis Hazari (Near PulMithai),
    Zorawar Singh Marg Delhi 110054.
    Fax No. :23890174.

    Contact Link Animal Husbandry unit Delhi

  3. E-mail:

  4. Eligibility

    • The citizens of India and state residents are eligible for a certificate if their animal or bird is required to be validated or to establish the reason for sudden loss of life.
    • Within 7 days after death.


    The service is free of charge however charges for the application of the stamps could be required if necessary.


    The post mortuary report is valid for a lifetime.

    Processing Time

    • 3 days. If there is a lab test that is required, then the time required for testing results will be added to the test result.

    Requirements Information

    • Name of the person who is applying
    • Father Name
    • Address of the applicant’s address
    • Mobile Number
    • Information about the animal, including Age, Sex, etc.
    • Date and time of death of animal or bird
    • Colour and identification mark.
    • Purpose of the animal/bird (milking/breeding/for meat etc)

    The Document is required

    • If there is a death or a dog, a post-mortem examination can be conducted to determine the reason for death.
    • It also serves as a tool for diagnosing problems to implement preventive measures when there is an outbreak of infectious or contagious disease from the Department.

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