How to Apply For Apply for Naturalization in Hungary

Apply For Apply for Naturalization in Hungary

  • Find out if you’re eligible to be considered for the application.
  • Complete the application with the other documents required.
  • The Office of Immigration and Nationality will forward your request in naturalization to Minister Interior within 3 months, provided that all the necessary documents have been provided to the person applying. Processing times may be extended for applications that are incomplete.
  • If your application is accepted. President of republic must issue a naturalisation certificate attesting to the acquiring the Hungarian citizenship. The applicant then has to swear a citizenship oath, or pledge of allegiance for which the invitation should be given by the mayor of the district in which the residence of the applicant. The naturalised person will be granted the Hungarian citizenship at the time of taking the oath , or the pledge. The mayor will inform the person applying for citizenship of the location and time of the citizenship swearing of the oath or pledge to allegiance in thirty days after receiving the document.


  • If the swearing of the oath or pledge of allegiance is not performed within the next year, the document of naturalization will be invalidated.
  • You can submit a second application for naturalization in the event that your original application was denied.
  • Hungarian citizenship can be removed from someone who obtained the Hungarian citizenship for violating the law, specifically the case of leaking false information or hiding information or information, and thus deceiving authorities.
  • The naturalization process and the change of name process are not subject to any obligation.

Required Documents For Apply for Naturalization

  • The completed application form
  • Two passport sized photographs
  • Original birth certificate as well as original documents that prove the status of your family
  • Evidence of subsistence and accommodation in Hungary


The application process will be expedited if an applicant submits the decision of the visa (also known as a permanent residency permit) or the decision by the asylum authority along with a copy of their permanent residency permit.

Office Locations and Contacts

Immigration and Nationality Office

Central Office Physical Address 1117 Budapest Budafoki Strasse 60 MapPostal Address 1903 Budapest, Pf. 314
Phone: 0036-1-463-9100
Fax: 0036-1-463-9108

Find Regional Offices

What are all the Eligibility

  • The applicant must have resided within Hungary for a certain amount of time and hold the permanent residency (residence card) as an immigrant, permanent resident, or a person recognized as a refugee, or a person with the right to freedom of movement as well as the right to stay.
  • The applicant does not have a criminal record and isn’t being investigated.
  • Accommodation and subsistence for the applicant is guaranteed in Hungary.
  • The applicant’s request for the procedure is not a violation of infringe on the national or public safety of Hungary.
  • The applicant must pass an exam on constitutional fundamentals in the Hungarian language.

The renunciation of citizenship from another country is not a requirement for obtaining Hungarian citizenship, however in certain countries, it is possible that the acquisition of citizenship in other states could lead to the loss of your previous citizenship. Consult first with an official at the embassy of your home country prior to proceeding the naturalization process.

People who aren’t legally eligible to apply for preferential naturalization are able to apply for naturalization once they have been resident with Hungary during eight years consecutively.

People who meet the below requirements can apply for preferential naturalization being within Hungary in Hungary for three straight years

  • He/she has been living in a legally valid union with an Hungarian citizen at the least for three consecutive years, or their marriage has been ended by the death of the spouse
  • the children are minors. Hungarian citizen
  • the adoption was by the Hungarian citizen (and they reached the legal age at the same time)
  • He/she was deemed refugee by an Hungarian authority.
  • He/she is in a state of non-existence

People who meet the above requirements can apply for preferential naturalisation living within Hungary over five years consecutively:

  • The place of birth was the country of Hungary,
  • the person established a residence in Hungary prior to reaching the age of majority,

If minor children the required period of time previously mentioned may be reduced if his/her application for naturalization is made along with the application of his/her parent, or if that parent has already obtained Hungarian citizenship.

A naturalization application of minors adopted by an Hungarian citizen can be made by the adoptive parents regardless of where the child’s the residence.

Documents to Utilize

Application to become a naturalized citizen in Hungary:

PDF Formula

Processing Time

It can take three months for your application to be reviewed provided that you’ve provided all the necessary documents. The processing time can be more lengthy for incomplete applications.


Send your naturalization application by mail to one of the office listed below:

  • District (capital district) office of the county and capital office of the county government
  • The integrated customer service offered by the county and capital government offices
  • Hungarian consular offices

Directorates for regional regions from the Office of Immigration and Nationality

The Document is required

  • Citizenship is the relationship between an individual and a nation or an alliance of states. Citizenship is typically connected with the ability to live and work in a nation and take part in the political system. Naturalization is the process to gain a nationality that is different from the country of origin.
  • Foreign citizens who have not been Hungarian citizens could be granted Hungarian citizenship through naturalization.
  • Here are the steps that will allow you to request naturalization to Hungary

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  • Budapest’s Immigration and Nationality Office:<=en




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