How to Apply for Assistant Registrar Position In Malysia

Apply for Assistant Registrar Position In Malysia By Online

  • Contact the authority in question personally.
  • Complete the application form by filling in the necessary information.
  • Send the required documents.

Required Document For Apply for Assistant Registrar Position

  • Three recent passport-sized images of the person applying
  • To apply for a new job, photocopies of the following documents are needed:
    • MyKad
    • Certificate of registration for the society (church or temple, or association)
    • The proof of approval is required for any changes in name, address, and constitution (if appropriate)
    • The constitution of the organisation
    • Current committee members of the church , association, temple or
    • The current annual financial statement is for associations only
    • A certificate demonstrating the minimum academic qualifications of MCE , SPM or SPMV
    • No older than the age of 70.
    • Not a commissioner for oaths
    • The following images will be adhered to A4 paper
      • Frontage of the premises
      • Security features on the premises (windows and doors that have grills)
      • Steel cabinet that is locked to keep restricted documents
  • Request for extension (photocopies of the documents will be required):
    • The application for extension should be made to the NRDs District office no less than 3 months prior to the expiration date of the appointment currently in place.
    • The current list of committee members from the church or association or temple.
    • Annual financial statement for the current year – for associations only
    • Documentation of approval for the changes in name or address as well as constitution (if appropriate)
    • No older than the age of 70.
    • Not a commissioner for oaths

All copies of documents have to be signed from the Registrar of Marriages and bear his signature as well as his name, designation, and seal of the official.

Office Locations and Contacts

National Registration Department Malaysia
Ministry of Home Affairs
No.20 Precinct 2, Precinct 2.
Federal Government Administrative Centre
62551 Federal Territory of Putrajaya
TELE (1MOCC) 03-8000 0800
Fax 03-8880-8288
Below is the external link to the following
NRD Branch
State Director’s contact info
Headquarters Management


  • You must be a member of the committee of a temple, church or community association responsible for the usual matters of the community. The committee is supported by the organisation’s committee.
  • It must be appointed by a voluntary choice and considered an official of the public service and is under the Penal Code.


This service is provided free for all users.

Documents to Utilize

Application Form JPN.KC16

Need to have the Document

This page will provide details on how you can apply for the assistant registrar job in Malaysia.



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