How To Apply for Asylum Visa In Angola

How To Apply for Asylum Visa In Angola

1.The stateless or foreigner who is in the country to apply for asylum within the when they arrive at the border point asylum authority to request asylum or, in the event that they fail at a border post to any authority police and is able to write or in a verbal manner, in which event the vehicle is plowed

2.The asylum application can be made by a foreign citizen or stateless individual in the direction of the authority for immigration or any other authority in the police force, within eight days.

  • If you have a valid reason for your presentation, and when confirmation of the facts the basis of your presentation occurs after the entry into the territory of the nation or as soon as the person is aware of these facts.

3.Any police authority that receives a asylum request within 48-hours, send an asylum request to the office in the city of the authority who will immediately inform the asylum seeker that they must testify within 8 days.

4.The immigration authorities notify applicants to submit declarations indicating the time, date and place of the interview, as well as inform applicants of his or her rights and duties

5.After being interviewed, the immigration authorities takes biometric data, and photographs, and issues the asylum seeker with a statement of submission of an asylum request according to the format that was approved by Minister for Interior

6.After an interview, and the the issue of an attestation to the asylum application will be processed by the immigration authority. forward an applicant’s application to nearest Welcome Centre Refugees or Asylum Seekers-FACE. They will wait for the decision of the immigration authority.

Documents that are required Apply for Asylum Visa

1.Identification Card

2.A account of the circumstances or details that support the demand for asylum, and listing the proof elements required

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Palacio do Comercio,

Rua Major Kanhangulo,


T : 222-395-778/394-833/394-878;/323-250/397-276

F : 222-393-246/396-776/320-553

W :

Ministry of The interior

Rua do Palcio de Vidro

Luanda, Repblica de Angola

Rua 25 de Abril, 1 R/C

Luanda, Repblica de Angola

Phone: (00244 222) 391079, 390733, 335976 (Apr.08)

Fax: (00244 222) 395133, 392532


How To Apply for Asylum Visa In Angola
How To Apply for Asylum Visa In Angola

What Are All The Eligibility

Any person who is severely threatened or persecuted with persecution in their own country of residence as a result of activities performed within the state of nationality or where they reside.


The service is absolutely free.


The applicant is permitted stay temporarily on the his or her territory for a time of 60 days beginning from on the day of the submission, and renewable for 30 days after the decision is made on the application

Processing Time

The time frame for investigation of the case lasts for 30-days from date of interview.The Interior Minister is able to decide whether or not to grant the asylum request within fifteen days of the date of receiving the instance. .


The right to temporary stay does not grant an applicant residence authorization or the right to exercise profit-making activity or the freedom to move beyond the Refugee Shelter and Asylum Seekers

The Information You Need

  • The identity of your applicant as well as the household members
  • Indication of nationality, nation or countries, and the place or residences earlier
  • Previous asylum-related applications
  • In the report, you must describe the circumstances or events which support the claim for asylum and providing the necessary elements of evidence needed .

The document is needed

Anyone who is a stateless or foreign person has the right to be protected from persecution for motives of political nature or from serious threats due to his/her actions in the direction of democracy, independence for the nation and peace between the peoples freedom and rights of people, in line the laws and instruments in force that govern refugees in international law who Angola joined or plans to join.

Information that could be helpful

  • Asylum can be denied if the application is clearly unfounded or when the grant poses an imminent threat or risk to the established public policy or the security of the Angolan state.

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