How to Apply for Building Permit (PC) In Ivory Coast

 Apply for Building Permit (PC) In Ivory Coast By Yourself

  • Candidates should visit for the Ministry of construction, housing, sanitation and urban planning (MCLA) department Guichet Unique du Permis de Construire (GUPC), and indicate your interest.
  • Fill in the application form available at the GUPC office or download it through the ministry of construction, housing sanitation, and urban development (MCLA) link or download it using this hyperlink (Application application form)
  • Select the number for your control ticket and then wait for your ticket number to be called.
  • Send the completed form with required document (listed further below) to the official who will be attending to be verified and processed.
  • Pay the application fee at the cash desk, at which point you’ll be issued an invoice.
  • If an approved official finds that requirements are met by the applicant, you will be informed of the result and issued an authorization within 13 days.

Required Documents For Apply for Building Permit

General documents

  • Title de propriété
  • Topographic extract visa(VET)which defines what is the DDU Visa & DAD Visa
  • Certificate of Town Planning (CU)
  • The plans are signed by an architect;
  • Safety note Structure plan;
  • Study of soil report
  • Possible environmental impact study report
  • Document of identity or status for legal entities
  • More details on the documents to be made available to build permit applicants for various classes of details on the documents

Office Locations and Contacts

MINISTRY OF CONSTRUCTION housing, sanitation and URBAN Planning (MCLA)Address: Cite Administrative, Plateau, Tower D 26th floor
BP V 153 Abidjan
Telecommunications (+225)20217478 (103-104) or 0218235/20239070
Fax (+225)20217446
Website: website
Contact details of MCLA : contact information


  • Abidjan District developers


  • Application fees building permit (PC)
  • All kinds of construction The most common type of construction is 50,000f.
  • Real estate transaction: 100,000f

Documents to Utilize

(Application form)

Processing Time

If all requirements have been fulfilled If all the requirements have been met, the CNI card procedure will be completed within a time period of 13 days from the date of receipt in the form.

The Information You Need

  • Information provided by the applicant
      • Full names
      • Postal address
      • Contact details
  • Information about the plot
      • Deeds available for sale
      • Date and Coupon of Sale
      • The final decree of concession number
      • Cadastral section ( when available)
      • Lot number
      • The surface of the terrain
      • District address and municipality
  • A declaration from the applicant

The Document is required

  • Building permit is a document that authorization issued by the Ministry of construction, housing, sanitation and urban planning (MCLA) for the construction of the project. This is to guarantee the security of the construction and conformity to building and construction according to the Ivory Coast construction act.

Information that could be helpful

REFER: Construction Standards link link

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