How To Apply for Business Visa In Cote Divoire

How To Apply for Business Visa In Cote Divoire

1.To apply for an Ivorian business visa, the applicant must begin by locating the closest agent that issues the visa. That is, he or locates the most suitable Ivory Coast embassy, consulate office or high commission , which can be located in the the country of origin or in any neighboring country. A list of these authorized agencies can be viewed at,, or from;

2.When an office that is a good source of information is found, the candidate is required to visit the office to learn what information is needed to obtain the Ivorian Business Visa. Similar details can be found at;

3.At the office of the issuer The applicant will then be given the visa application form (it is also available on the website of a chosen agency) and must fill it in meticulously and precisely; when completing the form the applicant should be sure to add the dates and signatures;

4.Thereafter the applicant is required to collect all the required documents and then make copies of these documents and then added to the completed application form.

5.The applicant will then make any necessary payments . They also attach receipts of payment the application form and

6.Thereafter submit the application to the office issuing the application.

Visa on Arrival

1.Before making an online application applicants are advised to visit a local Ivorian consulate or embassy to know the criteria and the process for obtaining a commercial visa to Ivory Coast;

2.Thereafter the online application may be completed by going to and then following the steps for online application on the webpage and

3.When the application has been read The application is available at an office of the consulate or the airport on arrival into the country.

Documents that are required Business Visa

1.A valid passport

2.Recent passport-size photos

3.Business letter from the host company

4.Letter to invite from the host company

5.Police clearance certificate

6.Onward/return tickets or confirmation of itinerary

7.Evidence of having enough funds to travel similar to bank statements

8.International Certificate of vaccination

9.Hotel Reservations (if required)

10.Payment slips

Office Locations and Contacts


Min. of Foreign Affairs

M/s Jean Marie Jean Kacou GERVAIS

Telephone No. : (+225) 20 32 08 88

Cote dIvoires diplomatic representatives in foreign countries. A list of these plus their contacts can be downloaded from,, or from

What Are All The Eligibility

Foreigners who want to travel to Cte d’Ivoire for purposes of working or business for a short period of time.


The fee varies based on where the application is made

  • The applicants in the USA have to pay the following fees:
  • The Business Visa Standard (multiple entry) is available from $150 to $155


The validity of a business visa is typically between one (1) up to three (3) months, depending on the agency that issued the visa.

Examples of Documents

Sample application form can be downloaded from, and from

Sample business letter and Global Service Order Form can be downloaded from

Sample business letter can also be viewed at and can be downloaded from

How To Apply for Business Visa In Cote Divoire
How To Apply for Business Visa In Cote Divoire

Processing Time

1.Online visa forty-eight (48) hours

2.Business visa processing normal 5 (5) work days

3.Rush as well as emergency assistance can be accessed for an additional charge on the request of the customer .


1.An applicant must make sure that they have an active passport that has blank visa pages;

2.Applicant must be in within the nation for brief duration;

3.Ensure that the information submitted is correct.

4.If visas are issued applicants are advised to not remain in the country more than the period of validity of the visa.

5.Applicants must make use of designated entry points to enter Cte d’Ivoire;

6.Ensure that the invitation and business letters are sent on a business letterhead

7.Applicants must be good-looking and in good health.

8.The candidate must able to abide by the laws, regulations and rules of the country, if a visa is granted.

9.Business visas do not allow the employment of long-term employees;

10.Applicants are advised not to bring prohibited substances or materials while in Cte d’Ivoire;

11.Applicants should be aware that altered pages cannot be used to be stamped with a visa

12.Applications may be made in person, by mail or made through visa agents

13.Ensure that the completed application form is signed date-stamped;

14.An applicant must ensure that they have enough money to see his or her throughout the time of his staying in the country

15.An applicant who wants to take a trip with their child who is less than twenty-one (21) years old must provide proof of parental responsibility

16.Ensure that the business letter clearly identifies who will be financial responsibility for the duration of the stay in the country.

Requirements Information

1.Name as well as address for the applicant

2.Nationality and age, as well as Marital Status, and Sex of the person applying

3.Reasons for visiting Cte d’Ivoire

4.Period of staying in Cte d’Ivoire

5.Trip information (flight required as well as dates of arrival and departure date from Cte Ivoire)

6.Name as well as address the host company in Cte d’Ivoire

7.Position that is held by the applicant in the host company

8.Financial standing of the applicant

9.Details of persons to travel with you to Cte d’Ivoire if any

10.Details of the place where the applicant will be staying during their stay staying in Cte d’Ivoire i.e. hotel information or the details of host persons

Documentation is needed

A business visa gives permit for a foreigner to visit a country in order to conduct short-term business. The case of Cte d’Ivoire, a business visa is issued for similar purpose. The authorized authorities for issuance of Ivorian visas is the immigration department of the country, as well as Cte d’Ivoire embassies, consulate offices and high commissions of the other countries.

Information that could be helpful

  • If an application is made via the internet, the applicant is advised to determine whether they are capable of obtaining the visa at the time of arriving in the country of Cote dIvoire on the arrivals hall at airport, or they must get it from the local embassy prior to traveling;
  • The applicants from the USA could decide to utilize visa agents to get a business visas for Cote dIvoire and in this situation, if the selected agent provides online service, the application for the visa can be submitted on the internet and the agent will proceed through processing the visa, and when completed, the applicant will be informed.

Other uses for the document/certificate

1.Issued business visas enable the introduction of new technology and skills in the country.

2.Allowing foreigners to conduct transactions in the nation allows an array of new products and services to the local market

3.The country earns additional income from the sale of visas and taxation

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