How To Apply for Emergency Travel Document In Cote Divoire

How To Apply for Emergency Travel Document In Cote Divoire

  • 1.An applicant begins by obtaining one of the forms. Applicants who are in the country can pick forms from either enrollment and issuance Centres or from Branch of the police and air borders while applicants abroad can obtain form from Ivorian embassies / consulate offices in foreign countries, these can be viewed at
  • 2.Fill the form with the required information complete the application form, pay any applicable fees make any necessary payments, attach all required documents such as the payment slip the form, and send the form to an appropriate office for issuing applications;
  • 3.The completed application is validated by the immigration office as well as the Police Control Air and Borders;
  • 4.If the application is accepted then the emergency travel document is issued.

Documents that are required Emergency Travel Document

1.A duplicate of the declaration of the loss of record (if the passport was stolen)

2.Copy of the old passport (if passport expires or was damaged)

3.Proof of application submitted for renewal or replacement

4.Payments forms (all applicants)

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministere d’Etat, Ministere des Affaires Etrangeres Telephone No. : (+225) 20 32 08 88

Cote dIvoires diplomatic representatives in foreign countries. A list of these plus their contacts can be downloaded from, or from

How To Apply for Emergency Travel Document In Cote Divoire
How To Apply for Emergency Travel Document In Cote Divoire


SNEDAI Cte d’Ivoire

BP 5

Telephone: (+225) 22 52 82 80 /

(+225) 54 36 29 15 /

(+225) 03 62 62 19


Direction de la Police De L’air Et Des Frontieres La Direction Gnrale de la Police Nationale (D.G.P.N.) de la Cote dIvoire Ministre de lIntrieur (Ministry of Interior / Internal Security) Abidjan

What Are All The Eligibility

Ivorian citizens who must travel urgently, but their passports are expired, damaged, lost, or stolen and can’t be replaced at a timely time.


For a period of 1 week.

Processing Time

Process only takes 14 days


1.An applicant should first renew or replace his or their passport in the event that it has expired, or has been damaged or lost or damaged;

2.The applicant must show proof of their need to travel urgently.

3.It the passport has been lost The applicants are urged to immediately inform the police the loss;

4.All payments are made through the bank

5.If the passport is due to expire or is damaged or lost, the applicant has proof of this and proof of submitting an request for a fresh one;

6.An application can be made only in the event that the applicant is required to travel prior to the time a new replacement passport is issued.

The Information You Need

1.Name of the applicant

2.Sex and age

3.Date and the place of Birth;

4.Details of passports used by applicants (Passport Number, issue date date and expiration date)

5.Reason to apply for travel documents in case of emergency;

6.Purpose of travel in urgent need

7.Departure date

The document is needed

An emergency travel document issued to a person to permit him or her leave the country in the event that he or she cannot obtain a new or replace their passport on time for an urgent travel. As in every other country the Ivorian documents of emergency are issued to citizen who is unable to obtain an acceptable passport on time to allow for urgent travel. It is issued by Ministere d’Etat or Ministere of Affaires Etrangeres, and other authorized agencies.

Other uses for the document/certificate

1.An emergency travel document permits the traveler to travel without the need for a passport.

2.It assists applicants to not delay travel due to the inability to obtain a new passport.

3.It is a valid document that can be used to identify a person;

4.It could also be used to establish nationality of owner

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