How To Apply for Business Visa In Gabon

How To Apply for Business Visa In Gabon

  • 1.To apply for the Gabon commercial visa applicants are advised to locate the closest agency that is issuing the visa in the country of origin or a neighboring one. The issuing agencies are the consulates and embassies in foreign countries, they can be located by either visiting and
    How To Apply for Business Visa In Gabon
    How To Apply for Business Visa In Gabon

     or the applicant can visit and search for the nearest issuing office by following directions / steps given on the page;

  • 2.When the nearest office for issuance is discovered, the businessperson must find out the requirements to get the business visa. This can be accomplished by visiting the office that is identified;
  • 3.When information needed is obtained The applicant has to assess the eligibility of the applicant and if they are eligible, will make all the necessary documents;
  • 4.From the designated issuing office the applicant is also given the visa application form and completes it correctly;
  • 5.He or she then pays the required amount;
  • 6.Attached all required documents as well as the receipt for payment to the completed application form.
  • 7.Submit an application through the agency that issued the visa (at this point, applicants who opt to employ visa agents submit their applications to the agent they choose, who then forwards the application onto the issuing agent to process);
  • 8.After the documents have been received after which the applicant waits for the processing of the visa.

Apply In Online

Certain visa agents in certain countries offer online visa application services, for example:

  • 1.USA applicant can apply for the Gabon business visa online by visiting!gabon-business-visa and select the apply online button to complete the online application and thereafter sends the required documents to the agent.
  • 2.The USA applicant can also apply for a Gabon business visa online by visiting The page will let applicants follow the directions provided and the system guides them through the application process

Documents that are required Business Visa

1.A valid passport

2.Recent passport-size photos

3.Business letter from the host company

4.Letter to invite from the host company

5.Police Clearance Certificate

6.International Certificate of Immunization

7.Onward/return tickets or confirmation of itinerary

8.Evidence of having enough funds to travel, similar to bank statements

9.Hotel Reservations (if required)

10.Payment slips

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Foreign affairs, Cooperation, Francophonie & Regional Integration

Bote Postale 2245,


Phone : (1) 727-600/742-370

Fax: +241(1) 742-375

Department of Documentation and Immigration.

Dr. Gerard Valeri

B.P. 6349 Quartier saint Benoit

81 Rue du Senateur Anguilet


Tel: 241-76-66-58 Libreville

1.Gabons embassies, consulates, or high commissions in other countries. A list of these plus their contacts can be downloaded from

2.Immigration Department Minister of the Interior Security and Immigration Libreville

What Are All The Eligibility

  • Foreigners who want to travel to Gabon to conduct working or business for a short period of time.


Fees differ based on where the application was submitted 1.The fees are generally as below:

  • Single-entry Business Visa single-entry 80
  • Double entry business visa 150
  • Business visa with multiple entry 280

2.Applicants in the USA have to pay the following fees:

  • The Business Visa Standard (Single as well as multiple entries) is priced from $ 140 to $ 165
  • The Business Visa Rush (Single and multiple entry) is priced from $ 200 to $ 205


The validity of a business visa is typically for 3 (3) months

Documents to Utilize

  • Visa Application Form
  • Global Service Order Form (USA applicants)

Sample application form can be downloaded from,,,

Sample business letter can be viewed at, and at,

Processing Time

Business Visa normal processing Business visa normal processing takes five (5) work days. Processing rush business visas Two (2) Working days


1.Business visas are not issued for applicants who are planning offer technical help in any form;

2.An applicant should ensure that their passport is in good condition and has blank visa pages;

3.If the passport is expired The applicant should try to renew it prior to making an application for visa

4.The company to be involved in should be for an indefinite period;

5.Applicants must not supply false information.

6.Applicants are not allowed to remain in the country for more than the expiry date of visa

7.Enter through the designated entry points

8.With the visa, one will not automatically get into Gabon The immigration department determines accepting or denying entry.

9.Applications can be submitted in person, through email, or via an agent for visas in the their home country.

10.Business as well as invitation letters should be prepared on company-issued paper;

11.Applicants are required to be excellent in character as well as in good health.

12.An prospective applicant should be prepared to abide by the rules, laws and regulations of the country in which a visas are granted.

13.Applicants should not be carrying hazardous and banned materials or substances in their travels to Gabon;

14.Applications may be made in person, by mail or submitted via visa agents

15.Ensure that the application form has been signed and date-stamped;

16.Always ensure that you have enough money before travelling;

17.An applicant travelling with a child should have proof of parental responsibility or parental permission

The Information You Need

1.Full Name, Contact information and physical address of the applicant

2.Age of applicant, gender and Marital status of the applicant

3.Country of origin/nationality of the applicant

4.Purpose of your visit

5.Duration of the stay Gabon

6.Trip information (flight that will be utilized the date of departure, arrival dates and departure date from Gabon)

7.Name of the host company in Gabon

8.Contact as well as physical address for the host company

9.Position that is held by the applicant in the host company

10.Financial standing of the applicant

11.Details of the people you will travel with you to Gabon (if there are any)

12.Details of the place where the applicant will be staying during their stay there in Gabon i.e. hotel details or information of host

The Document is required Business Visa

An Gabon business permit is an endorsement or stamp that is affixed by Gabon officials Gabon on the passport of a foreigner in order to allow them to travel to Gabon to conduct short-term business. The business visas are purchased from the Embassies and consulates located in Gabon in other countries.

Information that could be helpful

The applicants must be aware that the visa processing times are only working days. It does not cover holidays, weekends or regular consular closings . day one begins following the date of receipt of an application and that fees are charged per application.

Other uses of the document or certificate

1.The country earns extra revenue through the sales of business visas;

2.When foreigners visit the country to conduct business the country’s new technology and new skills are brought to the country.

3.New products are introduced to the market locally

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