How to Apply for Certificate of Original Permit In Uruguay

Apply for Certificate of Original Permit In Uruguay By Online

  1. Visit the Department of Transport’s National Office. Transportation’s office.
  2. Send a request table entry at the Director of National and signed by the person applying or accrediting to the DNT and include the number of ID card representative.
    1. Indicate the routes in which it plans to conduct business, list of criteria the criteria for the fleet’s authorization which must have an minimum capacity of tons of burden ficta, identification of the company using its full name, corporate name and address by setting up residence in Montevideo with a RUT number and code for the DNT and a copy of the policy liability insurance for third party damages numerals (1.41 The agreement from the meetings of the Ministers of Transport of the South)

Required Document For Apply for Certificate of Original Permit 

  • Identification of the company’s name using its full name through the establishment of a its headquarters in Montevideo
  • The RUT number and the code are sent to the DNT
  • Copy of the an original copy of Liability insurance currently in the force (1.41 agreement of Ministerial Meetings of Southern Cone Transport) applicable to all cars
  • A copy of the policy liability insurance for third damaged numbers of third parties (1.41 agreement of Ministers of Transport of the South) Ministers of Transport of the South)

Office Locations and Contacts

National Department of Transport

In Montevideo:Rincon 575 – 4th Floor, Division Loads

Mailing Lists:

  • Artigas, Artigas
    Address: 457 Lorenzo Latorre
    Phone: 4772 5097
  • Artigas, Bella Union
    Address 1626 San Jose
    Phone: 4779 252


  • The company has to be registered as a Professional.
  • The business must be able to provide BPS and DGI numbers.
  • The company needs to be debt free prior to the DNT.
  • The company has to submit a Notarial Certificate.
  • The vehicles that will be affected will have:
    • Valid Certificate for ID
    • Certificate of Technical Competence and International Category
    • Vehicles of the Truck Type or Tractor should have a sleeper cab
    • Every vehicle has to include a Chassis No.


It’s valid for 10 years.

Processing Time

The processing time is between 20 and 45 days if all requirements have been satisfied.

The document is needed

The following are the steps to follow to submit an application for the certificate of permit for the first time in Uruguay. The certificate of permit is given to an authorized Uruguayan firm, which permits it to operate international road freight transportation with a bilateral and in permanent relationship with one or more nations in the region . It is also referred to as a Certificate of Approval

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