How To Apply for Child Passport In Australia

How To Apply for Child Passport In Australia

  1. The person responsible for filling out the child’s request for passport has to fill out and print an Passport Application Form. To download the application form, click on this link:
    How To Apply for Child Passport In Australia
    How To Apply for Child Passport In Australia


  2. The progress of the application must be followed once an application is submitted.
  3. The person who filed the application must verify their identity and provide the necessary documents.
  4. Once you have completed the application after submitting the application, after submitting the application, the Payment Service must be accessed.

Documents that are required Child Passport

  • Birth certificate of the child in its entirety (Australian or from overseas)
  • Original document that proves the parents Australian nationality or permanent residence at the date of the baby’s birth
  • “Evidence for Australian Nationality” (or an equivalent certificate of citizenship) for those who were born to New Zealand parents
  • If your child is born abroad and there is no birth certificate, fill out Form B6
  • If you’re present with the application Court Orders in the application, you need to fill out Formula B7: No Additional Court Orders
  • Completed B11 form completed B11 form General Declaration in order to provide additional information regarding the subject matter.
  • If only one parent is included on the birth certificate, then fill out Form B8

Office Locations and Contacts

For contact information of Australian Offices of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade:

What Are All The Eligibility

Passports for children has to be submitted by a parent or another person who has an obligation to parent the child.


Normal Passport

  • Included are official and diplomatic passports
    • Adult: A$238
    • Child: A$119
  • A frequent travelers (If your travels are frequent,, then you can submit a frequently traveler’s passport that has greater visa page pages than an Ordinary passport.)
    • Adult: A$358
    • Child: A$179

The passport of the senior

  • Senior’s Passport for Seniors (A passport for seniors with five years validity is offered to Australian residents aged 75 or more.)
    • Adult: A$119
    • Child: n/a
  • Senior’s passport. Frequent traveler.
    • Adult: A$179
    • Child: n/a


The passports of children are usually valid for 5 years.

Documents to Utilize

Form B-6:

Form B-7:

Form B-11:

Form B-8:


  • The person who is responsible for making the application has to prove their identity.
  • Every child should have his own identity card, even the infant.
  • If you’re submitting an application for a child who is living abroad it is necessary to complete the application form for an overseas child.

Documentation is needed

Child passports are given to Australian citizens less than 18 who have never been married.

A passport can be granted to a child when an informed consent from everyone who have the responsibility of parenting for the child is obtained. It is also possible to issue a passport if the Australian Passports Act 2005 Section 11 allows for the issue of a passport to a child in the event that the Australian court order permits children to travel abroad, and in certain other situations where the full consent is not granted.

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