How To Apply for citizenship In Australia

How To Apply for citizenship In Australia

  1. The applicant must complete The Australian general eligibility for citizenship form for application to citizenship.
  2. The applicant is then required to submit the application to the department along with certified copies of the necessary documents and with the correct fee.
  3. The applicant will then be given the date and time of their citizenship interview.
  4. After the documents have been inspected and the identity verified , the applicant will then take the citizenship test.
  5. When a decision has been made regarding the application, the applicant will be informed in writing.
  6. When you receive the notice that your application was successful, you’ll need to take part in a citizenship ceremony and then make a vow of determination to finish the process to become an Australian citizen.

Apply Online

  • To apply on line visit
    How To Apply for citizenship In Australia
    How To Apply for citizenship In Australia

  • Find your eligibility status. It may be general eligibility or different situations and then start your applying.
  • The system will guide you through the process of applying.
  • After you have completed all fields Submit your application

Documents that are required Apply for citizenship

  1. A cover letter
  2. Application form
  3. Birth certificate
  4. Passports or other documents that show current citizenship, Australian permanent resident status and the date of arrival in Australia
  5. Wedding certificate if you are you are married with an Australian citizen
  6. Spouses are citizens If the spouse was naturalized
  7. Identification proof declaration
  8. Good conduct is evidenced by good behavior

Office Locations and Contacts

The Overseas Citizenship UnitDepartment of Immigration and Border Protection
GPO Box 717

Courier access
Overseas Citizenship Unit
Department of Immigration and Border Protection
3 Lonsdale Street

Government of Australia,

Department of Immigration and Border Protection

6 Chan Street

Belconnen ACT 2617

PO Box 25 Belconnen ACT 2616

Telephone: 02 6264 1111

Fax: 02 6225 6970


What Are All The Eligibility

A migrants who is a permanent resident who is at least 18 years old and less than 60.


Formula 1300t Australian citizenship General eligibility (required to sit for a test) $260
Form 119, evidence of Australian citizenship $ 60

In order to obtain Australia citizenship, the applicant might be required to pay the following payment (fees can be paid in Australian dollars):

  • Form 1300t
    • Australian citizenship General eligibility (required to sit a test) $260
    • Concession fee: $40
    • Children under 16 years old who apply for this same form the parent are not required to have to pay
  • Form 1290
    • Australian citizenship Other conditions (not required to take the tests) $130
    • Concession fee of $20
    • Children under 16 years old who apply for exactly the same application form parents don’t have to have to pay
  • Formula Form
    • Documentation of Australian citizenship: $60
  • Formula For 132
    • Resuming Australian citizenship $70
  • Formula Form 118
    • Australian citizenship via descent $120
    • Second and children siblings who apply at the same time , $95
  • Form 1272
    • Adopted under the Hague Convention on Inter-Country Adoption $120
    • Second and succeeding siblings applying simultaneously $95
  • Formula 128
    • The renunciation fee for Australian citizenship for $285


  • Australian citizenship is valid for the duration of your life.
  • Citizen is valid so in the event that a person doesn’t denounce it.
  • But a person may be a citizen revoked due to certain situations, like
  1. If an authority discovers that the that citizenship was not granted or
  2. If the applicant supplied false documents when applying, and so on.

Documents to Utilize

Examples of Documents

Processing Time

It takes three months to be recognized as an Australian citizen.

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  • Decide which kind of citizenship application best suits your particular situation.
  • Verify that you’re qualified to apply for the preferred application type
  • Get your original documents to confirm your identity, prove you’re of good character and prove your credentials
  • Make sure you complete and file your application along with all the required documents, along with the fee that is appropriate.
  • Find out whether you’ve been granted citizenship and, if so, for citizenship via conferral, you must take part in a ceremony to confirm (legalize) this decision.
  • The decision regarding the citizenship application is only made once you have submitted an application form that is completed with all the necessary documents and fees.

Requirements Information

  1. Name
  2. Birth date/place
  3. Nationality
  4. current address
  5. Contacts

The Document is required Apply for citizenship

You can become an Australian citizen through the marriage of Australian parents, or permanently resident parents or when you apply for and get accepted as a citizen. Being an Australian citizen is to call Australia home, with all the rights and obligations of a person born in this country.

Information that can be useful

A decision regarding the citizenship application can only be taken after you have submitted an application form that is completed with the required documentation as well as the fee.

The identity declaration must be signed by a person who has the authority to do so.

Children who are younger than 16 years old age are typically listed in the application of a responsible parent’s form.

Exemptions from fees and concessions are only available to applicants for Australian citizenship using Form 1300t and Form 1290.

It is crucial to make an appointment for citizenship because applications could be denied in the event that an applicant fails to attend an appointment. ensure that you allow at least the maximum of two (2) hours to the appointment.

It is also essential for citizens to bring original documents for a citizenship appointment.

If you notice any change in address If you notice any changes to your address, contact the citizenship department.

Children younger than sixteen (16) years old who are listed on the application form of an applicant automatically are automatically Australian citizens when the applicant takes their Citizenship Pledge.

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  • Citizenship is a commitment to Australia and everything this nation stands for.
  • It also introduces a new form of part of Australia’s Australian community.
  • If he or she is registered as a citizen and a voter, one can vote in state and federal or territory elections, as well as in the event of a referendum
  • An Australian citizen Australia may apply to work within the Australian Public Service or in the Australian Defense Force
  • Citizens are able to participate in the political system of the country
  • The applicant could request an Australian passport
  • The citizen can enter the country at will
  • The holder has the right to aid through an Australian official during their time abroad.
  • An Australian citizen Australia is also able to register children born abroad as Australian citizens through descent.

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