How to Apply for Children Passport In Bhutan

Apply for Children Passport In Bhutan By Online

A person who is applying for commercial driving License for Heavy and Medium vehicles such as school buses, and tourist buses must:

  • Go to the office located in the location of the applicant. To find the locations you can go, look up the ‘Office Locations and Contacts’ section of this page.
  • meet in person
  • You must have had the Ordinary Driving License for at minimum three years;
  • have an education qualification of at least Class VIII or an equivalent level or equivalent qualification Monastic Institutes and produce original academic certificates to prove it;
  • Complete the application form that is prescribed;
  • Have achieved the minimum pass score in the driving Criteria for Selection for Road Drive Test set in the Evaluation Form for the Light Vehicle Driving Test as prescribed by the RSTA;
  • Create a duplicate of the current passport size photo;
  • Create a citizenship Identity Card or other accepted identification documents to Bhutanese Nationals, as well as passports or other identity cards in the case of foreigners and
  • Pay a prescribed fee

Required Documents For Apply for Children Passport 

  • Original academic certificate from the university.
  • Latest passport size photograph
  • Citizenship Identity Card
  • Passport or other ID cards(for foreigners)

Office Locations and Contacts

Head Office

  • Name: Lham Dorji
    • Designation: Director General
    • Email: /
    • Tel: 02-321282
  • Name: Kesang Wangdi
    • Designation: Chief Registration & Licensing Officer. Registration and Licensing Division.
    • Email:
    • Tel: 02-321283

For a complete listing of numbers for contact, visit the following link:

How to  Apply for Children Passport In Bhutan
How to Apply for Children Passport In Bhutan

Thimphu Region

Toll-free number toll-free number

  • Name: Dophu Dukpa
    • The designation is: Sr.Regional Transport Officer,Thimphu.
    • Email:
    • Tel: 02-322147 Fax:02-323273
  • Name: Ugyen Lhamo
    • Designation:Asst. Registration and Licensing Officer
    • Email:
    • Tel: 02-321282

For a complete listing of numbers for contact, visit the following link:

Phuntsholing Region

Toll-free number Toll free number

  • The name of the singer is Sonam Gyeltshen
    • Designation:Sr.Regional Transport Officer
    • Email:
    • Tel: 05-253952
  • Name: Chhimi Penjor
    • Designation:Sr.Registration & Licensing Officer
    • Tel:05-252587

For a complete information on contact number, visit the following link:

Gelephu Region

Toll-free number 226

  • Name: Bola Gyeltshen
  • Designation The title is Director of Regional Transportation.
    • Email:
    • Tel: 06-25154
  • Name Damber Thapa
    • Designation for Registration and Licensing Officers,Gelephu.
    • Email:
    • Tel: 06-251142/17621995/77331497

To view a complete information on contact number, go to:

Samdrupjongkhar Region

Toll-free number: 227

  • Name:Kinga Gyeltshen
    • Designation: Regional Transport Officer.
    • Email:
    • Tel: 07-251459
  • Name:Tezin Jamtsho
    • Designation:Registration and Licensing Officer.
    • Email:
    • Tel: 07-251366

For a complete listing of numbers for contact, go to:


The applicant must have an age minimum of 25 years and a max age of 55 at the time of applying.


Commercial Driving Licenses are Valid for 3 years.

The Document is required

This kind licence is needed for operating a medium and large vehicle within Bhutan.

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