How To Apply for Citizenship In Gabon

How To Apply for Citizenship In Gabon

Request an application forms “For Citizenship And Issuance Of Identification Certificate (IC)” at your local Gabon consulate (either by appointment or downloaded on the consulate’s website).

  • Gabon Birth Certificates;
  • Passport for the children’s travel;
  • Marriage Contracts stating that the applicant is a Gabon nationality of the applicant
  • The voter’s affidavit, or the voter’s identification card or
  • Other documents that demonstrate that the applicant was a natural citizens of Gabon which is acceptable to the officer evaluating the application.

Show the original copy and submit a photocopy the Certificate of Naturalization. For every minor of your unmarried children under the age of 18 (18) years old you must present your original document and then submit a photocopy of the following:

  • The birth certificate of the child and
  • The passport of the child’s travel destination
  • Attach to the the form with the following two (2) recently taken and similar 2″ 2″ photographs that show an image of the face. The children of the beneficiary are required to provide photographs.
  • In the event that your application considered to be in order then pay a processing charge that is US$50.00 for the primary application, and $25.00 for each child who is a beneficiary. The payment can be made in cash, a bank draft, or money order made that is payable at Rwandan Consulate General. Rwandan Consulate General.
  • After making the payment, make sure to take your name on the Oath of Allegiance and Identification Certificate (IC) created by the Consulate. You will also be informed of the time and date to take the Oath of Allegiance before a Consular Officer. Additionally, you should place thumbprints in the designated spaces on the Identification Certificate.
  • Following the oath-taking ceremony after the oath-taking, you will receive an Original copy of notarized Oath Allegiance as well as the order of Approval and (IC) issued by the Consulate. The completed and approved applications as well as the supporting documents, such as the oath of allegiance and order of approval, if there is one is forwarded into the Department of immigration and documentation in Gabon. In this moment you will be able to make an the application for a new Gabon passport, and also get your legal dual citizenship status.
  • Remember it is a fact Gabon dual citizenship with Gabon cannot be recognized.
  • Gabonese citizenship is possible to obtain within less than 5 years if the person applying is in good physical and mental health. must have made an investment in the country. Decree of the head of state is required and the timeframe can be extended in the event that the person has rendered outstanding services.

Documents that are required Apply for Citizenship

  • Birth certificate of the applicant (original and replica).
  • The passport of the applicant’s country of origin (original and duplicate).
  • Four pictures taken by the candidate.
  • Criminal record of applicant who is aged 16 or more.
  • The educational certificates of the applicant.
  • The Gabon birth certificate of the mother (original and duplicate).
  • A birth certificate issued by The Gabon maternal father (original and duplicate).
  • The contract of marriage from The Gabon mother to her foreign father.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Foreign affairs,

Cooperation, Francophonie & Regional Integration

Bote Postale 2245,


Telephone : +241 (1) 727-600or

Telephone : +241 1 742370

Fax: 241(1) 742-375

Department of Documentation and Immigration.

Dr. Gerard Valeri

B.P. 6349 Quartier saint Benoit

81 Rue du Senateur Anguilet


Tel: 241-76-66-58 Libreville

What Are All The Eligibility

  • The people who have permanent resident status in Gabon are eligible to apply to become citizens of Gabon. Persons born by Gabonese parents or who were born in Gabon through parents of different nationality. .
  • Anyone who can show that they have renounced their former citizenship is eligible to apply for Gabon Citizenship.
  • Anyone who has resided in Gabon for at minimum 10 years can be qualified for Gabon Citizenship.


Pay a processing fee that is US$50.00 for the main application. $25.00 per child beneficiary.


This document lasts for 10 years. renewal is required more than two times. The rest of the time you do not need another renewal.

Processing Time

The process can take 12 to 36 months.


The application must be signed by an adult, or his mother if minor. The following documents must be included :

  • Spouses widows, spouses, and children from Gabon residents (if the applicant has been married for at five years or more.)
  • Residents who are lawful (those who were normally living in Gabon for at least five years)
  • Children and disabled persons (made for adoptive or legal children Gabon citizens)
  • Stateless and migrant people (persons who have voluntarily moved to Gabon and/or have been living in Gabon for a period of 10 years)
  • Descendants of stateless or migrants (persons who have reached the age of 18 and whose parents have decided to move to Gabon or have continuously resided in Gabon

Requirements Information

  • Must be a citizen born in another country ;
  • One or both parents must have A Gabon citizenship.
  • Aged less than 18 (eighteen) year old;
  • There is a legal obligation to choose one of the citizenships when he or attains the age of 18 (18)

The Document is required Apply for Citizenship

The term “citizenship” is that is commonly used to define to a legally binding relationship that exists between an person and a state that is, where the state recognizes and protects an individual’s rights or to define different kinds in belonging to an particular political community, and the rights this type of belonging confers. This is the place where the legal connection between the government and an individual is the basis of its significance. This bond is the foundation for the other rights, including the right to protection diplomatic from the state in question.

By Birth

The birthplace of a child within the territory of Gabon does not automatically grant citizenship. It is only a matter of time for a child born to parents who are not known in Gabon. The citizenship that a person acquires by right through the moment of birth cannot be recognized by Gabon and is not a right to be gained

BY Descent

The child, if at least one of the parents are citizens of Gabon is considered to be to be a citizen regardless of the birth country. When a person obtains citizenship through the use of the father or mother’s citizenship, the latter must be Gabonese citizenship.

BY Naturalization

Citizenship through acquisition

Citizenship gained through an administrative procedure following birth, for example through the naturalization, registration or marriage is referred to as general citizenship acquisition.Gabonese citizenship is granted by satisfying the following conditions: A person must show the surrender of their former citizenship and have been residing in the country for at least 10 years.

By Statelessness

Gabon recognizes any person who isn’t considered a citizen of any country in the context of its law.But individuals or those who are stateless must adhere to the laws of Gabon. of Gabon. However, national law is unconstitutional. A person could therefore be entitled to be a citizen of a country under international law , even if the state doesn’t recognize it.

Information that can be useful

  • The laws on citizenship in Gabon have a discriminatory effect on women. Women, as in many African nations are not allowed to transfer their citizenship to foreign spouses, or even to their children if their father is not an American citizen.
  • It is not possible for Gabon as a country to offer effective naturalisation procedures specifically for refugees. In reality, even when the law is not problematic as is the case with most African nations, procedures are offered only in theory.
  • The lack of due process protections is also a major issue. regarding due process rights particularly when the government plans to remove citizenship.

The laws of Gabon like those in other African countries allow for almost unlimited authority to the executive. This allows the current governments to use the law to silence critics and block opposition politicians from public offices.

The track record of African nations in the granting of citizenship to long-term refugee populations is very different and many countries do not have laws in place to provide the means for refugees to be granted permanent residency and citizenship.

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How To Apply for Citizenship In Gabon
How To Apply for Citizenship In Gabon


The Gabon 1998 Nationality Code states that children born in the border regions of neighbouring countries Gabon or cared for in the care of Gabonese people who resided in Gabon for a period of 10 years are able to be granted Gabonese nationality of origin once they reach the majority.



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