How to Apply for Citizenship/ Naturalization of Aliens In Malawi

Apply for Citizenship/ Naturalization of Aliens In Malawi By Online

  • The applicant needs to choose the applications forms to apply to obtain Malawian citizenship.
  • The applicant pays the application costs.
  • The applicant fills out the application form along with all the documents required
  • The applicant is then required to take an interview or citizenship test.
  • The applicant waits for Immigration officials.
  • After the application has been approved, The department will notify the applicant by writing.

Required Documents For Apply for Citizenship/ Naturalization of Aliens

  • Application form
  • Original copies of valid passports
  • A certified duplicate of Valid permit, in particular

Office Locations and Contacts

Department of Immigration Republic of Malawi

Blantyre – Immigration Headquarters

PO Box No. 331

Blantyre, Malawi

Telephone No: 01823777

Lilongwe- – Immigration Office-Lilongwe

PO Box No-1272, Lilongwe, Malawi

No. of the phone: 01759270.

Mzuzu-Immigration Office-Mzuzu

PO Box No-600, Mzuzu, Malawi

Telephone No. 01311474


Anyone who is not a commonwealth citizen who has resided in Malawi for more than 7 years is qualified for application to apply for Malawi the citizenship..


  • Registration : Malawian Kakwa 500,000
  • Naturalisation : Malawian Kakwa 500, 000
  • Citizenship Processing Fee Malawian Kakwa 10, 000


Malawian citizens are valid for life until it is cancelled by the governemnt

Documents to Utilize


Processing Time

It can take between 30 and 60 days for the approval of the application to become a citizen of Malawi


  • Citizenship is based on the Malawi Citizenship Act, dated July 6 1966.
  • Citizenship applications are processed through the Department of Immigration

The Information You Need

  1. Full names????????????????????????????????? ?
  2. Address?????????????????????????????????? ?.
  3. Place and date of birth ???????????????????????????? ?.
  4. Profession or occupation??????????????????????????? ?…
  5. Present nationality or citizenship???????????????????????? ?..
  6. Date of entry in Malawi to take up ordinary residence???????????????? ?.
  7. Present Passport details
  8. (a)Marital status
  9. Languages known????????????????????????????? ?.
  10. Details of any criminal proceedings initiated by the person applying at any point in any country

The Document is required

Malawian citizenship can be obtained after the fulfillment of these conditions. The applicant has an African race , or who has Commonwealth or Malawian connections, has lived for at least five years in Malawi and has a sufficient understanding of English as a language is planning to permanently reside in Malawi and is willing to give up prior citizenship.

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