How to Apply for Diplomatic Passport In Malawi

Apply for Diplomatic Passport In Malawi By Online

  1. The applicant must obtain the passport application form at any Immigration office, which is provided for free. Contact Link
  2. For those who live outside of Malawi the applicant can collect the application form at the closest Malawi foreign mission.
  3. Fill out the application form using the correct information and send the form.
  4. After filing an application person submitting the request must have the part B commissioned by a Magistrate, or a commissioner for oaths.
  5. The applicant has to be able to report at the District Commissioners Office where he or she is from to verify the location of origin on section C.
  6. The applicant has to present him or herself at any of the three immigration Offices: Blantyre, Lilongwe and Mzuzu according to the location where they are living to allow for quick follow-up and undergo thorough interviews conducted by an Immigration Officer at the counter.
  7. The applicant will be asked to provide their biometrics (picture or fingerprints) as well as a the signature) taken.
  8. The applicant is required to pay the fee for the passport through the Malawi Savings Bank located within the Immigration Offices.
  9. The processing time is five working days.

Required Documents For Apply for Diplomatic Passport

  • Two passport application forms that are filled in.
  • Two recently passport-sized photographs.
  • Identity documents, such as birth certificates or academic certificates, as well as a voter’s cards.

Office Locations and Contacts

Immigration Headquarters, BlantyreBox 331 Blantyre
Telephone Number 01823777
Fax: 01823065
To find addresses, click on the contact link


The following are eligible to Diplomatic Passport:

  • The President of Malawi is the President of Republic of Malawi.
  • Diplomats, as well as spouses.
  • The First Lady.
  • Principal Secretaries.
  • The Vice-President of Malawi. Republic of Malawi and the spouse.
  • The Army Commandant.
  • The former President of Malawi and Spouse. Republic of Malawi and Spouse.
  • Police Inspector General. Police.
  • A former vice president of Malawi and the spouse. Republic of Malawi and the spouse.
  • Supreme Court judges from the High Court as well as their wives.
  • The Chief Secretary of the government.
  • Director-General, National Intelligence Service.
  • Vice Chief Secretary.
  • A Chief Commissioner is the head of Prisons.
  • Former Chief Secretary of the Government.
  • The chief immigration officer.
  • Cabinet Ministers as well as their wives.
  • The Ombudsman.
  • The Speaker of the National Assembly and Spouse.
  • The Law Commissioner.
  • Members of the Parliament.
  • Leaders of religious and faith-based organisations.
  • The Clerk of Parliament.
  • Any other person whom the President can orally.


The total cost for the issuance for a Diplomatic Passport will be 30,100.00


Diplomatic Passports are valid for 10 years, with the exception for Parliamentarians who are valid for 5 years.

Processing Time

The processing process will take five working days.


  • Passport applicants shouldn’t arrange travel arrangements before the passport is issued. It is recommended to apply at least 20 days prior to the date of their departure.
  • Female applicants married to a husband who want to apply for passports must present the names of their husbands upon presentation of an marriage Certificate. In the event of changing their maiden names the result of their husband’s divorce or death certificate of divorce or death must be presented to authorize the change.

The Information You Need

  • Name.
  • Address.
  • Contact.

Need to have the Document

  • The Diplomatic Passport is an identity document for travel that is issued to diplomatic personnel and officials of the government for travel related to work as well as to dependents accompanying them.
  • The possession of a diplomatic passport does not the same as possessing diplomatic immunity.
  • This does not necessarily mean visa-free travel.
  • The holder of an diplomatic passport is required to obtain an non-diplomatic travel visa when going to a country in which the person isn’t currently or is expected to be recognized for the position of diplomat in the event that visas are required for citizens of his nation.

Information that can be useful

If there is no evidence included with the application, then the other documents are required.

External Links

Department of Immigration Republic of Malawi: Link



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