How to Apply for coastal vessel license in Nigeria

How to Apply for coastal vessel license in Nigeria by yourself

  • To apply for a Coastal Vessel License personally, the applicant is required to go to in the Office at the Department of Petroleum Resources.
  • Contact details and address of DPR can be found on this contact information link.
  • Visit the office to obtain an application form to apply for a Coastal Vessel License from the appropriate department.
  • Be sure to have all the documents you need under the “Required Documents” section on this page.
  • Complete the application form , and attach the supporting documents (as required) along with the application form.
  • After that, you must submit the application to the appropriate authority within the offices. Make sure you pay the appropriate fees as directed by officials.
  • Following submission, the applications along with the attached documents will be submitted to be verified and validated.
  • If they find that the required requirements were properly supplied after which the official will continue to complete the necessary actions.
  • An inspection will be carried out to verify the premises of the business and assessing the technical expertise and financial capabilities.
  • Officials from the DPR will examine each of the company’s vessels that are designated for the transportation of petroleum products to ensure that the vessel is in safe operational in good operating.
  • When all the required steps are completed and the license or permit is available for collection and you are notified by email or telephone and asked to pick up the permit or license.

Make an application online

  • To apply for a Coastal Vessel License online, the applicant must go to the CVL website by clicking the link below. Online application button
  • Click the link, then select the “Downstream” tab that is on the right hand side. choose “CVL” to apply for a licence for Coastal Vessel License.
  • After that, you must enter your credentials for the user in the appropriate fields on the first page and click on the “Login” option.
  • In other cases then, select alternatively, click the “Register” option above. A page for creating an account will appear, fill in the information requested and then click”Next” “Next” option.
  • Enter your username and email then click the “Create Account” button.
  • Then, you’ll be sent a confirmation email that includes an attachment. Open your email inbox, click the “Confirm Your Email” link to enable your account.
  • You will be directed into the page for login on where you will be able to enter your credentials to activate your account and log in.
  • After you log in, you will be asked to update your profile information. Follow the instructions and then click “Update profile” button.
  • To create a new application, select the “New Application” option under the “Application” drop-down on the right.
  • The new application page will be opened. Fill in the application form with the required information and then click the “save and keep going” button.
  • The next screen will allow you to you can upload the required documents by clicking the “Select document” button for each document, and then click the “continue” button when you are done uploading.
  • The next step is the payment page. Go through the details of fees and then click the “Confirm and Continue to Remit” button. Pay the amount that is applicable to your permit’s category according to the on-screen instructions and follow the subsequent steps.
  • When an application is submitted and the application is accepted for payment, the completed applications along with the supporting documents will be presented to verify and validate.
  • After confirming that the required requirements were properly supplied after which the official will begin to carry out the next necessary actions.
  • A check will be made to confirm the location of the business and to evaluate the technical proficiency as well as the financial capacity.
  • When all the required steps are completed and the license or permit is available for collection You will be informed by email or telephone and asked to pick up the license.

Required Documents For coastal vessel license

  • The completed application form
  • A copy of the license’s annual non-refundable fee
  • Annual verification of non-refundable cost
  • Certificate of incorporation of the company
  • The Memorandum of the Company and Articles of Association
  • Affordable Oil and Gas Industry Service Permit
  • Copy Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) Registration Certificate
  • Copy of insurance cover that is valid
  • Tax Clearance Certificates for the last three years
  • Approval page for valid calibration chart or class categorization Certification

For reference application guidelines

Office Locations and Contacts

Headquarters,Department of Petroleum Resources,
7 KofoAbayomi Street,
Victoria Island,
Lagos, Nigeria.
Contact numbers Call numbers: (+234 (1) 2790000 or 9037150.
Web site link
Contact Link
Google Map directions
To submit Oil & Gas Industry Service Permit (OGISP) inquiries,
Tel: +234 (1) 2790000, 9037150 Ext. 50295-7

What are all the Eligibility

  • Every Nigerian Gas and Oil organization who wishes to use Coastal Vessels for transportation of large quantities of petroleum or petroleum products could apply.
  • The company that is applying for the permit must have a good reputation or be an affiliate of a group of businesses that have a good reputation. It should also belong to a corporation or businesses with good standing.
  • The applicant’s company must be accepted from The Federal Government in all aspects.


  • Annual License Fee that is Non-Refundable: N 200000.00

Annual Non-verification License Fee N 50000


  • The applicants are advised to fill in the application form in a neat and in complete detail with perfect accuracy and legibility in order to avoid rejection. Additionally, all required documents should be provided fully.
  • The applicants are able to apply using the following document of guidelines for completing the application guidelines

Requirements Information

  • Name of the business and registration number
  • Phone and Type
  • Application Type
  • Port of Registry
  • International Maritime Organization (IMO) number
  • Vessel Call Sign/Official number
  • The location of the Coastal Vessel and the name of the vessel
  • The country of flag and the Type of Vessels that are Coastal
  • Dead Weight (Metric Tons)
  • Year and Place of Construction
  • The company’s Email address

The Document is required

The coastal vessel license applies to vessels operating in the coastal region that are operated in Nigeria by Oil and Gas Organizations for the purpose of transporting bulk product petroleum that are transported from one location to another.



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