How to Apply for Coffee Import Permit In Jamaica

Apply for Coffee Import Permit In Jamaica By Yourself

  1. The Coffee Industry Board (CIB) is the place to go to for the Coffee Import Permit. You can view contact information for CIB via this link: Link
  2. Send a request for approval to import coffee in Jamaica. The letter should include details about the supplier, quantity, and type of coffee.
  3. Take a sample of the coffee, and send it along with your application letter for coffee importation to the CIB.
  4. The CIB will examine the supply of coffee in Jamaica and make recommendations to you.
  5. Based on market supply and test results, the CIB will recommend your application.
  6. If you are able to proceed with importation
  7. The CIB will then forward the recommendation to Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture, and Fisheries for consideration by the minister.
  8. The recommendation will be reviewed by the minister, who will then prepare a letter to the CIB approving or disapproving the recommendation
  9. If the minister of CIB rejects your application, the CIB will inform you that it will not approve the application and will send you a letter advising you that you have not received an importation permit.
  10. If the minister approves an importation recommendation by the CIB the CIB will apply for the import permit to Plant Quarantine Division on your behalf
  11. The QPD will approve your application and issue an import permit to you.
  12. The QPD import permit will be issued by CIB. Coffee Board will then prepare an import approval letter detailing the coffee import allowed and send it to you and the Jamaica Customs Agency.

Required Documents For Apply for Coffee Import Permit

  • Application letter
  • Coffee Samples

Find Office Locations and Contacts

The Coffee Industry BoardAddress at 1 Willie Henry Drive. P.O. Box 508
Kingston 13, Jamaica W.I.
Telephone: (876)-758-1259
Contact details:Link


  • Individuals and companies who want to import coffee from Jamaica


  • For details on fees, please contact the appropriate authority


  • The permit is valid for the period stated in it

Requirements Information

  • Importers details
  • Supplier
  • Quantity
  • Types of coffee

You will need the document

  • A permit is required to import coffee in Jamaica. Without it, your imported coffee won’t be allowed entry into Jamaica.

External Links

  • CIB:



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