How to Clear Imported Motor Vehicles In Jamaica

Clear Imported Motor Vehicles In Jamaica By Online

  1. All imported motor vehicles must be cleared through a licensed customs broker via the Jamaica Customs Agency’s electronic system, called Electronic Single Administrative Document (eSAD), on the ASYCUDA Systems. The Link link will take you to the JCA’s contact information.
  2. For authorization to a licensed customs broker to clear your imported motor vehicle, you must obtain form C73. You can obtain the form from the JCA or their website Link. (C 73- Authorization of a Person to Act on Behalf Of Another). Or you can directly download the C73 form via this link Link
  3. Fill out the form correctly, then visit the JCA’s Office and pay the processing fee at the cashier. Then submit the completed form to the customs official at our service desk for processing
  4. After the authorization has been processed, your customs broker will be able to start the clearing process for the motor vehicle.
  5. To complete the import declaration for the motor vehicle, the agent will log into ASYCUDA World: Link
  6. Once the broker is in the system, he will complete the declaration by using the eSAD. This ensures that all required data has been provided correctly and that all supporting documents have been attached.
  7. Once the application has been confirmed, the broker will pay the declaration using the Advance Deposit Account facility. The broker will enter the account number into the e-SAD, which will verify that there is sufficient balance to cover all fees, duties, and taxes. The broker will then request that the e-SAD be assessed using the ASYCUDA system.
  8. The system will show the customs reference number associated with the e-SAD upon assessment of the declaration. This is confirmation that data has been successfully inserted into the system. The system will also automatically pay the applicable fee
  9. If payment is to be made in cash, the broker may print the assessment notice and send it to the cashier at customs.
  10. The AW system will decide if an import needs to be inspected or not after payment. The AW system will assign a green lane to imports that do not need inspection. However, a yellow or red lane will require that imports be inspected by customs officers
  11. After the import inspection is complete, the customs inspector will send the inspection report to the supervisor. If there are any problems with the import, the supervisor may reroute the eSAD to the “Query” lane. A notification will then be sent to the broker indicating the details that must be addressed regarding the clearance.
  12. If the report confirms that the import is safe and in good condition, the supervisor will remove the e-SAD from the shipment and reroute it to green.
  13. After a successful re-routing to green is completed, the Customs Officer grants release of the motor vehicle. This in turn generates a Release Order that can be used by Terminal Operator
  14. Once the terminal operator has generated the gate pass, your motor vehicle will be allowed to leave the customs controlled area.

Required Document For Clear Imported Motor Vehicles

  • License for import
  • Complete Form 73
  • Title is a document that the government issues to the owner of the vehicle/cycle.
  • Documents such as a Bill of Lading and Airway Bill are shipping documents.
  • Original invoice from supplier
  • Licenses or permits for import
  • A Tax Compliance Certificate, Taxpayer Registration Number and a copy the General Consumption Tax Certificate (GCT).
  • Bill of Sight (This document records the details of the motor vehicle being imported. It is signed and dated by the broker, and then certified by Customs.

Find Office Locations and Contacts

Jamaica Customs AgencyAddress at Myers’ Wharf Newport East, Kingston 15
Telephone: 922-5140-8 extns: 3148-50
1-888-287-8667 (toll-free)
Website: Link
Contact details: Link


  • Companies or individuals can clear an import motor vehicle


  • Authorization fee: JMD 5000. However, the ASYCUDA global system will calculate the declaration fee.


  • The authorization form is valid one year. The declaration process is valid up to the import motor vehicle is cleared

Documents for Use

Processing Time

  • A week or less, depending on the inspection


  • A licensed Customs Broker must clear goods with a Cost Insurance and Freight value (CIF) greater than US$5000.00
  • A licensed Customs Broker must clear all motor vehicles.

Requirements Information

  • Name of the importer
  • Name of the agent
  • Declaration details
  • Date

You will need the document

  • All vehicles imported must be cleared by Jamaican Customs, as required under law

Information that might be of assistance

  • Link Import Clearance Guideline

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