How to Apply for Commercial Pilot License In Uganda

Apply for Commercial Pilot License In Uganda By Yourself

  1. To apply for an Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) you must fill out and submit the application form application Formula: O-PEL003
  2. This form is available through this website: Uganda Civil Aviation Authority. Website: Uganda Civil Aviation Authority
  3. After completing the application form all the necessary documents as well as the application form must be sent at the UCAA office. You can also forward them to office at:
    Director General
    Uganda Civil Aviation Authority,
    P. O. Box 5536
    Kampala, Uganda,
  4. The applicant must provide the application forms along together with all the documents required. The documents you need to submit include:
    (i) Aeronautical Experience Form detailing the breakdown of required hours of flight.
    (ii) A summary of flight experience form
    (iii) Form to apply to apply for English Language Proficiency endorsement
    (iv) Form for flight radio application Telephony Operator’s License
    (v) Valid Medical Certificate (v) A valid Medical Certificate – Class 1
    (vi) Four passport-sized photographs – face-to-face (2cm to 2.5cm);
    (vii) An identification photograph Card or Passport as well as the duplicate of that
    (viii) Certified copies of two most recent pages of the logbook for personal use.
  5. Additionally, you need to pay the required application fees and then submit the receipt for payment alongside the application documents. A fee for application is charged for this process.
  6. A processing period that is 14 working days required for the processing of this Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) After which you will be contacted via telephone to pick up your new license at the UCAA office.
  7. You’ll need to bring your identification documents when you get the new permit.

Required Documents For Apply for Commercial Pilot License

  • Completed prescribed application form:
    • Request of Commercial Pilot Licence
    • Aeronautical Experience Form showing the details of the hours the applicant must have.
    • Summary of flight experience form
    • Formulary for application to English Language Proficiency endorsement
    • Formulation for a Flight Radio Application Telephony Operator’s Licence
  • A current Medical Certificate Class 1
  • Four passport-sized photographs Face-to-face (2cm to 2.5cm);
  • Photo Identification Card, Passport or Birth Certificate with an original copy of the same.
  • The certified copies of the last two pages of the personal logbook. These pages reflect the most recent flying experiences that have been verified by the supervisor of the pilot who will confirm the pertinent logbook entries after confirming his signature and the license number.
  • Receipt of payment for the fee amount as per the regulations

Office Locations and Contacts

Uganda Civil Aviation AuthorityAirport Road-Entebbe
P.O.Box 5536 Kampala,Uganda
+256 312 352 000


  1. Must be at least 18 years old;
  2. Have the Class 1 Medical Certificate.
  3. Possess an Private Pilot License or meet the requirements to apply for military licenses or convert foreign licenses and
  4. You can get a logbook endorsement through an instructor that is authorized to has the following qualifications:
    • Conduct the necessary ground-based training in the essential aeronautical know-how domains, which are applicable to the category of aircraft as well as the class of rating requested.
    • Certified that the applicant has the necessary knowledge test, which is applicable to the category of aircraft and class of rating sought.
  5. Successfully pass the knowledge test for the following areas of knowledge in aeronautical engineering
  6. Have the required aeronautical knowledge. The hours of flight required should not comprise under 200 hours flying time or 150 hours if they are completed through an integrated course of approved training offered by the regulations of an Approved Training Organisation pursuant to Regulations of Civil Aviation (Approved Training Organisation) Regulations (2014) as a pilot of aeroplanes. Of these, 10 hours could be completed in a flight simulator instructor
  7. Complete the training required and logbook endorsements from an instructor who:
    • The training was conducted in the operation areas that are applicable to the type of aircraft and the class rating sought and
    • Certified that the applicant is ready for the practical test.
  8. Take the necessary practical test in the areas of operation applicable to the class of aircraft or class rating sought.
  9. Take The English Language Proficiency exam and be able to pass either
    • Operating Niveau (Level 4) It is valid for three years.
    • Advanced Niveau (Level 5) It is valid for six years.
    • Expert level (Level 6) Valid for Life


A cost of Ugsh. 60000 is charged for this application.

Additional charges related to CPL change of ICAO.

  • Aviation law, flight rules, and flight rules
  • Planned flights 21,000
  • Meteorology 21,000
  • Navigation general 21,000
  • Radio Aids 21,000
  • Test flight of A flying Assistant 40,000
  • The flying instructor’s certificate or renewal of an
  • Rating(if the need for a flight occurs) 4000


The Commercial Pilot Licence with an aeroplane or the rotorcraft (helicopter) rating in the category of “Category” must be valid

  1. for a holder not more than forty years old age, starting from the day the license has been issued by or renewed through the Authority for a period of the remaining 12 months validity of the Holder’s Medical Certificate or
  2. A holder who is 40 years old or more, beginning from the day the license has been issued by or renewed with the Authority for an additional period of time of the validity of six months of the medical Certificate.
  3. A certificate of medical fitness to obtain an Commercial Pilot Licence is valid for 12 months for pilots younger than 40 years old and for 6 months for pilots over 40 years old.

Documents to Utilize

Application for renewal or issue of a commercial pilot’s license. Form O-PEL 003 : The Application Form is O-PEL003.

Processing Time

  • Processing time: 14 days


The applicant must:

  1. Fill out your CPL required application form.
  2. Fill out the flight experience summary form.
  3. Submit your Class 1 Medical Certificate with all required documentation to the UCAA office.
  4. Pay the fees applicable and return the payment receipt.
  5. You must wait for the processing time to end, and then get the CPL license.

Requirements Information

  • Full names
  • Physical address and postal address
  • Birth date and location
  • Nationality
  • Gender
  • The name of the Aviation Training Organisation where you received instruction
  • Details of licenses held (Place and Date of Issue, Type of Licence, Number , and Expiry Date )
  • Categorization, Classification, or Class and/or (if required) to where you need the Licence must be obtained.
  • Instrument Ratings held and the the date of the last test.
  • The total number of hours spent flying instruments
  • Hours flown (Totals up to date in addition to Totals since renewal Totals over the last 6 months)
  • Co-pilot details
  • Have you yet been examined or obtained a medical certification as per regulations of the Civil Aviation Regulations
  • If you can read and write, speak and comprehend the English language, in accordance with the English requirements for proficiency in the English language in the Civil Aviation Regulations.
  • If you’ve met all requirements required for the issue of this license
  • Declaration
  • Signing of the Applicant
  • Date of application

The Document is required

  • Commercial pilots are trained as private pilots. This lets them master the basics of flying prior to becoming more advanced in aircrafts and scenarios.
  • A Commercial Pilot License (CPL) allows you to fly for pay-per-hour or for hire, making it an option if you want to explore flying as a career.

Other uses for the document/certificate

  • Show a photo ID card or Passport to prove identification. The information on the card must match the personal information on the application form In the event that the identity of the applicant cannot be confirmed your application may be denied and the applicant will be required return with the correct evidence of identification.

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