How to Apply for Conversion of Leasehold Land Title to Freehold Land Title In Uruguay

Apply for Conversion of Leasehold Land Title to Freehold Land Title In Uruguay By online

Step 1

  • The Applicant must be in their possession the completed forms 4, 5, 10 19, 19 and 23 in duplicate with a set of three authentic deeds plans, duplicate Certificate of Title with 3 passport photos along with Receipts for Payments and an affidavit of forwarding requesting the conversion of Leasehold in to a Freehold title that is signed by the District Land Official from the District where the property is situated.

Step 2

  • The applicant submits the complete collection of documents, original as well as an image of the same to Department of Land Administration for Checking. The Photocopy is stamped “Received and then returned to the applicant. The applicant contacts Department of Land Administration after 10 working days to confirm their approval or rejection. Department of Land Administration after 10 working days to verify their acceptance or rejection and is issued a formal letter informing him/her of the charges that must be paid. Request for the Conversation from Leasehold Land Title to Freehold Land Title.

Step 3.

  • After being approved The documents are then sent to the Office of Titles for issuance of an Freehold Title. The applicant is notified within 10 working days in the event that there is an Agreement or Surrender Deed that needs which needs processing.

Step 4

  • The Applicant is required to show the photocopy of the application given to them from Department of Land. Department of Land. Administration is stamped with the words ‘Received’ along with identification documents when taking possession of the Freehold Title after 20 working days. The applicant must sign and then the Photocopy is stamped with ‘Returned after the completion.

Required Documents For  Apply for Conversion of Leasehold Land Title to Freehold Land Title 

  • Forms 4, 5, 10, 19 & 23 in-duplicate,
  • A set of three authentic deed-plans,
  • A duplicate Certificate of Title,
  • 3 . Passport Photographs,
  • Receipts for Payment
  • A letter of forwarding.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Lands, Housing & Urban,Century Building – Parliament
Avenue. P.O.Box 7096 Kampala, Uganda
Tel: +256 414 373511./ 0414 230891
Fax No. : 0414 230891
Tel: +256 204660000, +256 414581294

  • District Land Offices (DLOs)
  • District Land Offices (DLOs)
  • Office of the Recorder (OR)
  • Area Land Committees (ALCs)
  • Ministry Zonal Offices (MZOs)in all districts of Uganda
  • District Land Boards (DLBs)In All Districts in Uganda


  • Anyone who has leasehold title to land can make an application for freehold title conversion.


Fees to be paid to the Ministry:

  • Stamp duty-UGX 5,000/=
  • Costs of registration in connection with the Subrender Deed U.G.X 10,000/=
  • Registration fees UGX 10,000
  • Guarantee of Title UGX 20.000
  • The Title is issued in the form of UGX20,000.


  • A title to land has no duration of validity if the title is granted by an designated body and the it is not transferred to another individual is not done.

Processing Time

  • The processing time can range from 10 (10days) to up to four (4) months, but once the new digital process of the land office is complete, the conversion of a title to land will be completed in minutes rather than weeks.


  • Visit the Ministry of Lands to get the application forms you need and fill them out accurately;
  • Print copies of all essential documents.
  • Complete all payments and
  • Submit your application to the office for land

Requirements Information

  • Address and full name of applicant.
  • Specifics of the Land that are in dispute i.e. area, plot, blocks and numbers.
  • Information about the original owner.
  • The leasehold certificate’s details.

Documentation is needed

  • Aids in the security of families since one can be sure they will not be forced to leave;
  • Does not cause land disputes.
  • This can be used to secure credit facilities from banks.

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