How to Apply for Demarcation of Land In India

Apply for Demarcation of Land In India By Yourself

  1. Applicant shall visit their respective thasildhar/appropriate authority office and apply in-person.
  2. The application must be submitted along with documents to the authorities.
  3. After receiving the application, the official in charge must examine the application. If the application is in compliance with the requirements, the official responsible for the application will register it in the relevant register (or electronically using a computer) and then submit the application before the Thasildhar or the relevant authority to make the appropriate decision. (Please pay the fees in accordance with the authority’s requirements)
  4. Thasildhar could issue an orders on the day of issue or the next working day giving an Revenue Inspector, or another relevant officer to make a demarcate the date after determining a time and distributing the notice in relation to that date to all tenure holders in question.
  5. The work must finish within the time of one month starting from the date of the order that was passed by Thasildhar.
  6. At the time of delineation of the plot, the spot memo will be made by the Revenue Inspector or another concerned officer and will have the signatures of all parties involved as well as from the chairman of Land Management Committee or any two witnesses who are independent on the day of delimitation.
  7. If one party is unable to sign the memo on the spot, the endorsement in the manner described will be signed through the R.I and the process will be interpreted according to the particular case.
  8. In the case of the Revenue Inspector and another revenue officer is required to send the report on demarcation accompanied by a note of spot within the time of 15 days from the date of the demarcation.


      • If the report is confirmed by the thasildhar/respective authority, the boundary pillars shall be fixed accordingly within a period of one week
      • In some states , applicants can apply for services over the counter such as CSC centers/e-seva, etc. to apply.
      • In certain states, applicants must apply through the department’s online portal.

Find contact information and an application form on the respective state portal procedures using the links provided for each of the states below.

Required Documents For Apply For Demarcation Of Land

      • Application form
      • Copy of the current R-o-R
      • Other documents that are needed
      • Affidavit/Notary notifying it is the the owner of the property
      • Identity document
      • Address the proof
      • Land documents (should be attested in every copy from the Gazette Officer)
      • Recent copy of Form E and Map
      • Aadhaar Card
      • Number of Plot or Land Area and boundaries of the area and boundaries of the


  • Original and a copy of the original along with self-attestation as instructed by the respective authorities to be filed according to the requirement.
  • Other than the above documents, authorities could request additional documents or information. They will require these documents for processing.

Office Locations and Contacts

Department of Land Resources,
NBO Building, G-Wings, NirmanBhawan,
Moulana Azad Road, New Delhi -110011, India.
Ph: 011-23062722


You can apply for demarcation of land if you own piece of land that is yours to own.


      • Authorities will give fee information.
      • Fees vary according to the location of the property.


Demarcation is applicable to the land until it is further subdivided , or divided for selling or for the purposes of division.

Processing Time

Maximum 45 Days


The application for a Demarcation of Land by approaching the appropriate Tehsildar for your region.

The document is needed

Demarcation is the process of establishing a boundary about a thing or place In this case, it’s land demarcation


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