How To Apply for Disability Identity Card In Austria

How To Apply for Disability Identity Card In Austria

  1. Contact competent authorities who will be able to assist you to obtain a disability identification card.
  2. Provide proof of identification, including a photograph and attach the necessary documents to complete the application.
  3. The cost for this procedure differs based on the state which issued the card.

Documents Required Disability Identity Card

  • Photo ID with official identification
  • A passport photo

Office Locations and Contacts

Competent Authority

Municipal Offices

City Council


Vienna City Administration, Rathaus A-1082 Wien


Municipal District Offices:


Application Form: 14.30

Additional Cost can vary based on the jurisdiction that is imposing the fee and the additional fees to be imposed.


Competent Authority:

  • The administration of the district
  • In the statutory cities: The Magistrate
  • In Vienna, Municipal Department Office

The Document is required Disability Identity Card

The Highway Code created some provisions which benefit a person who has a disabilities. The code facilitates travel for disabled people including those using wheelchairs. The code has designated parking zones that have no limit on time, areas in which parking is not permitted as well as pedestrian areas.

This code addresses mobility issues through the exemption of tax on vehicle insurance as well as financial assistance for adaptation of motor vehicles to the requirements of the user, as well as applications for handicapped parking spot.

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