How to Apply for Disabled Person Card In Oman

Apply for Disabled Person Card In Oman By Online

  1. In order to obtain a Disabled People Card, you’ll need to make an application at the closest social development agency in your region.
  2. You will receive an official letter from the Ministry of Health to apply for a medical report.
  3. With the assistance of the processing officer you’ll need assistance from the processing officer to fill out the initial details as a (disabled individual card) that includes general information and study details.
  4. You’ll need to visit the Ministry of Health for the issue of the medical report.
  5. The processing officer opens the system and enter all of the information you’ve provided. Then the officer fills out the application on paper and sends that form to the supervisor.
  6. Once your application is approved, it will be recorded and a credit card is issued.

Required Documents For Apply for Disabled Person Card

  • A completed application form. The application form is available from the closest directorate for disabled persons or on the ministry of social development’s site.
  • 2 photos of personal photographs
  • A photocopy of an applicant’s ID Card or passport
  • A medical report that outlines the kind of impairment and blood group

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Social DevelopmentContact number Contact number: +968 2464500

Ministry’s location as well as its branch offices


For an application for a disability person card:

  • A candidate must belong to Omani.
  • The applicant must be a disabled person.

Processing Time

It is a Disabled Person Card is issued on the same date you made the application.


Disabled Person Card are available from departments and directorates of social development in regions.

Documentation is needed

The Disabled Person Card, is an official document issued by the Directorate of persons with disabilities according to the guidelines of the law governing the issue of the card to disabled persons that confirms his status with the intention of dealing with the governmental and non-governmental bodies that are responsible for offering services to disabled people.

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