How to Apply for Distilled Spirits Plant License or Permit in Nigeria

How to Apply for Distilled Spirits Plant License or Permit in Nigeria by yourself

  • In order to apply an application for Distilled Spirits Plant License or Permit in person, the applicant needs to submit an application to the local command center or the Nigeria Customs Service.
  • Contact details and the address are listed on the next contact page
  • Visit the area command and fill out an application in writing for a Distilled Spirits Plant Licence or Permit.
  • The application must contain the correct information and the required details in relation to the license requirements.
  • Check that you’ve got all of the documents mentioned within the “Required Documents” section on this page at the time you go to the office.
  • Then, you must attach all required documents to the application form and hand documents at the Office of the Area Controller in the office.
  • The applicant must pay the appropriate amount of fees according to the directions. Then, the official begin to carry out the internal procedures in relation to the request of the applicant.
  • Initially, the attached documents along with the request form are emailed directly to the Comptroller General’s office, and they will verify their sufficiency and suitability.
  • If they are satisfied, the next essential tasks will be carried out by the appropriate officials prior to the issue of licenses.
  • After all tasks and processes have been completed the applicant will be notified via email or phone to pick up the license.

Required Documents for Distilled Spirits Plant License 

  • Application form completed
  • Certificate of Registration/Incorporation (copy)
  • Memorandum, and Articles of Association copy
  • Copy of the agreement of Partnership (if the partnership is applicable)
  • Documentation of Authorization to Sign
  • The layout of the plant
  • Bond or the Agreement of Lease
  • The proof of availability of funds and the sources
  • The Power of Attorney (if the applicant is an agent)
  • Change of notice in Bond (if there is any)
  • Any supporting document (as required)
  • Notice of any changes in procedure in case of there is any (in the letterhead of the company)

Office Locations and Contacts

Nigeria Customs Service Headquarters,Abidjan Street,
P.M.B. 26,
Zone 3,
Phone: 09 5234694
Fax: 09 5234694
Homepage homepage
Contact contact information and link

What are all the Eligibility

Any group located in Nigeria which wants to establish an Distilled Spirits Plant and make spirit for commercial use, can apply.


Fees for licenses payable directly to Nigeria Customs Service is N3000.00


The license is valid for the year that it was obtained.


  • It is crucial that the form you fill out include all the required information correctly and be properly filled out so that it can be approved from the Authority.
  • It is important to include all required documents according to the requirements of the authority in order to ensure that you do not get rejected.
  • Notice of alteration to bond must be filed when the plant’s owner would like to share premises with another proprietor who is performing similar work or the company plans to manufacture other products in a specific area of the facility.

The Information You Need

  • Address and name of the applicant’s address
  • Age and nationality
  • Description Address details for the location
  • Company name
  • Registration Certificate number
  • Incorporation details
  • Identification Numbers on director’s cards and shareholders.
  • The dimensions of plant
  • Particulars about banking

Need to have the Document

Distilled Spirits Plant License and Permit are required for any Nigerian organisation to distribute spirits through the establishment of an Distilled Spirits Plant to be used for commercial use

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