How to Apply for Dual Citizenship In Mozambique

Apply for Dual Citizenship In Mozambique By Online

1.You start by locating a nearby Provincial Immigration Service (Servios Provinciais de Migrao). These are usually found in the capitals of provincial provinces as well as near international borders. They represent local governments of the government agency in charge of immigration matters (the Ministry of Interior);

2.When you have found the most suitable Provincial Immigration Service, goes with all the required documents and file an application for citizenship.

3.After the submission, ensure that an acknowledgement of receipt is issued.

4.Thereafter you must wait for a certain amount of time (as can be recommended by an immigration officer) in order for the decision to be made on the application

Required Document For Apply for Dual Citizenship

i)General conditions for all applicants

  • Identification documents required for applicants
  • Birth certificate for the applicant

ii)Applicants to be citizens by birth (Consanguineous)

  • Parents national identification document (Mozambique nationals)
  • Birth certificate of the parent (Mozambique nationals)

iii)Applicants for citizenship through birth (Territorial)

  • Police clearance certificate

iv)Applicants to be citizens through marriage

  • Identification documents for spouse(Mozambique national)
  • Certificate of Marriage Certificate
  • Birth certificate of the spouse (Mozambique national)
  • Police clearance certificate

v)Applicants for naturalization and registration

  • Residence permit valid
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Documentation of residence proof
  • Health report of good quality

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Interior

Av. Olof Palme 46/48. Maputo

C.P. 290, Maputo

Telephone: 258-21-303510, 320131/2

Fax: 258-21-420084


i)Dual citizenship is the only way for children born to the Namibian citizen living abroad, to obtain citizenship in the country of birth until the time the child reaches 18 (18) years old.

ii)Other Eligibility requirements that are based on the type of citizenship

1.Citizenship through marriage of a foreigner wed to the national of Mozambique national

2.Citizenship through naturalization of an individual who is a foreign national aged 18 (18) years or older living in Mozambique;

3.Citizenship through adoption of A child who has been fully adopted by an Mozambican;

4.Citizenship by affiliation with unmarried kids of citizens who gained citizenship through naturalization before the age of 18 (18) years old

5.By Birth , this can be two ways (Consanguineous as well as Territorial):

6.Consanguineous an infant born to the Mozambique Citizen, whether father or mother, or both

7.Territorial an infant born in Mozambique


Citizenship may be cancelled voluntarily or it may be cancelled in a voluntary manner if the person applying for citizenship violates the law of that country, or in the event that he/she acquires an international citizenship

Processing Time

15 (15) 90 (90) days


1.At 18 years of age, 18 (18) an individual with dual citizenship has to select one or the other or Mozambican citizenship is suspended by the authority.

2.Applicants should be aware that Mozambique does not accept dual citizenship.

3.Applicants should be prepared to follow the rules and laws of the country.

4.All applicants have to be good-looking

5.Applicant applying for naturalization should have resided in Mozambique for a continuous period of not less than ten (10) years

6.To seek citizenship through marriage, the marriage must have existed for at least 5 (5) year;

7.Applicants for naturalization actively involved with Mozambique. Mozambique community and speak Portuguese or another Mozambican language;

8.An person who is applying for naturalization should be able to demonstrate the capacity to sustain himself or herself;

9.Some aspects of these requirements can be waived if the applicant is worth the effort or has provided important services to the nation;

10.Applicants must state that they would like to obtain Mozambique citizenship;

Requirements Information

1.Name as well as address for the applicant

2.Age of the applicant

3.Original citizenship

4.Country of the country of

5.Form of citizenship to be used to

6.Address of the applicant to Mozambique (applicants seeking naturalization or citizenship through marriage)

The Document is required

Dual citizenship is the process of becoming citizens of a specific country, but also having the citizenship of another. The dual citizenship of Mozambique means having an international citizenship in addition to being a citizen of Mozambique citizenship. It is valid when a child is born outside of Mozambique citizen(s) or who obtain citizenship in another country at birth until the point that he or she reaches 18 (18) years old. At the age of 18 (18) the child is required to choose a citizenship. In contrast, Mozambique citizenship is obtained through marriage, birth or blood connection adoption, naturalization or adoption. or adoption. Ministry of the Interior is the central government entity with responsibility for immigration-related issues.

Information that could be helpful

1.In the event that a citizen loses his or her Mozambican citizenship, he/ may regain it upon request having met all requirements set forth by law.

2.It is vital to remember that a foreign citizen after meeting the requirements may acquire Mozambique nationality. Likewise, an Mozambican citizen may acquire foreign citizenship without abstaining from their nationality, provided that all the requirements set forth by law have been satisfied and following acceptance that they are the country of origin is Mozambique only one nationality (Mozambique citizenship) will be utilized and recognized.

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

1.A Nationality certificate may be used to identify a document.

2.A resident of the nation is entitled to remain and move around the country

3.Naturalization encourages foreign investment;

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