How to Apply for Electrical Installations Inspection and Testing Certification in Nigeria

Apply for Electrical Installations Inspection and Testing Certification in Nigeria By yourself

  • For an application for electrical installations inspection and testing certification,, you need to submit your request via a licensed electrical contractor to an approved electrical distribution firm (DisCos) in your city. Check out the contact information of authorized DisCos located in Nigeria for DisCos contact information.
  • Once you’ve found the right electrical contractor the contractor starts by finding a distribution firm (DisCos) in the area and then obtaining an application form. The contractor then has to fill out the form and send it back to distribution companies with the necessary documents.
  • After receiving the application The company will review it to see if it meets the standards required.
  • If your application is approved and the electrician is approved, he will receive an approval certificate along with a list with external items you need to purchase from the list of materials in the letter. These include cables, distribution transformers installations accessories, other connections for external use.
  • Get the materials you need and pay the fees for survey at the distribution office.
  • The contractor then will make a request for the site visit of an engineer from the company that distributes.
  • The representative from the distributor company will then visit the site to confirm that the materials bought from the outside are of high-quality and whether the materials were bought directly from distributors who are authorized.
  • Once the materials are approvedby the engineer, engineers will then issue a certificate of approval. They will then begin the installation of the material as needed.
  • After installation Your contractor will ask for an inspection of the site from the Inspecting Engineer at NEPA. Nigerian Electrical Power Authority (NEPA).
  • NEPA is sending an inspection engineer to your location and the inspector will examine all items to determine if they are of the right quality and also if they were properly installed. Be sure to send the inspection engineer the confirmation note from DisCos.
  • After the inspection has been completed and the inspector is satisfied that the installation was completed in accordance with the requirements The inspector will then prepare an official certificate of conformity and give the certificate to you.
  • Proceed with the required payments to the Federal Ministry of Power and Steel and finally, you will receive Certificate of Inspection. Certificate.

Required Documents for Electrical Installations Inspection 

  • Purchase receipt for the purchase.
  • Test certificate for the transformer produced by the manufacturer.
  • Letter of appointment from the electrician.
  • The distribution company must approve the application.
  • Approval from the engineer of the distribution company.
  • Approval from Nigerian Electrical Power Authority’s engineering department.
  • Certificate of conformity

Office Locations and Contacts

NERC head office address:Plot 1387,
Cadastral Zone A00,
Central Business District, Abuja
F.C.T, Nigeria
Tel: +234-09-462-1400, 09-462-1410.
NERC web site
Contact details
DisCos contact details.

Federal Ministry for Power and Steel
Federal Secretariat Complex,
Annex III Shehu Shagari Way,
Abuja FCT 0234 Lagos
Tel: 09-5237064
Fax 09-2343563 Website

National Electric Authority Headquarterers OFFER (NEPA)
Plot 1071,
Area 3,P.M.B. 338,
Garki, Abuja
Tel: 09-2346238; 5231275;5231256

NATIONAL Electrical Power Authority District Office
Harare Street,
Zone 6,
Tel: 09-523 1256

What are all the Eligibility

Anyone who wants to have their electrical installations inspected can apply.


Contact the appropriate authority for information on fees.


It is valid during the time that is stated on it.

Processing Time

Your application is processed in 72 hours.

Requirements Information

  • Name.
  • Address.
  • Contacts.
  • Contractor details.
  • Installation details.
  • Installation location.

The Document is required

The certificate confirms that the installation has been completed as per the requirements of law.

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