How To Apply for Extension of Resident Permit In Gabon

How To Apply for Extension of Resident Permit In Gabon

What is the process to apply:

  • Check out at the Directorate General for Documentation and Immigration (DGDI) office close to you and make an inquiry at the front desk.
  • Application form can be obtained from the DGDI office, or download it via the DGDI website portal or click the link below to download,:(Application form)
  • Fill out and submit the complete application form with documents supporting it (listed under the “Required documents” section) to be processed and verified to the official who is in attendance in the DGDI.
  • Make sure you pay the necessary application fees.
  • If an authorized official confirms that documents are correct, the information that is gathered from the form of application is incorporated to be entered into the DGDI database system.
  • You will then be informed of the result and granted the extended resident permit.

Documents that are required Extension of Resident Permit

  • A valid accommodation certificate (DGDI print)
  • A duplicate of the identity card issued by the landlord
  • Old resident card
  • A copy of the most current SEEG
  • One color photograph
  • Other documents that could be required by an authorized official

Office Locations and Contacts

EMI-IMMIGRATION:Directorate General for Documentation and Immigration (DGDI)
BP 1019 Libreville, Zone Industrielle d’Oloumi
Tel: (+241) 01 76 24 24/01 76 00 24
Website: website

What Are All The Eligibility

  • Foreigners


You can consult the ministry

Documents to Utilize

(Application form)

Requirements Information

Identification and Signature of the SIGNAL AND IDENTITY OF THE APPLICANT

  • Names of all applicants
  • Birth date
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Identification document number
  • Marital status
  • Spouse details (if applicable)
  • Children details (if applicable)
  • Residence address in Gabon
  • The applicant’s declaration

Social and professional situations

  • Profession
  • Name of the company/business
  • The address of the residential address of the company or business
  • Individual employment authorization

Information on the STAY

  • Old resident card details
  • Date arrival/despatcher Gabon
  • The reason for staying
  • The place of residence

Documentation is needed

When the Residence Permit the applicant may request an extension of their residence permit. It is a document that allows its owner the right to stay longer in a foreign country in which they are not citizens.

External Links

(Directorate General Migration and Documentation (DGDI)

How To Apply for Extension of Resident Permit In Gabon
How To Apply for Extension of Resident Permit In Gabon



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