How To Apply for HECS Student Help Loan In Australia

How To Apply for HECS Student Help Loan In Australia

If you want to apply for a HECS?HELP loan, you’ll need the Tax File Number (TFN) and a request for Commonwealth support form and HECS?HELP form. Note that the form is only available through your service provider.

  • Fill out the form and ensure you include your TFN
  • send the form you completed to your service provider prior to the date of the census (or earlier , if you prefer);
  • the form must be signed in order for it for it to be valid.

If you are unable to quote your TFN or provide a certificate of request for a TFN on or before the date of the census the date you were born, you won’t be qualified for a HECS-HELP loan. If you don’t possess a TFN, you’ll need to obtain an application form to obtain a TFN from ATO. Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

Notice: You have 6 weeks after the date of census of the unit to amend the information you’ve provided about your eligibility for the HECS-HELP program. This means making sure you submit the necessary documents you will need to prove you are an American citizen. However, you must submit your request for Commonwealth support as well as the HECS-HELP form before the date of your census.

The time period of six weeks cannot be used to prolong the period of time to ensure that you can file for citizenship or to complete your application. Also, it doesn’t require filling out a form in case you didn’t complete it on the date of the census. It allows you to gather the documents required to prove you’ve been granted citizenship or change the details on the form you’ve already completed.

Documents that are required HECS Student Help Loan

  • Passports or IDs
  • Tax File Number
  • Commonwealth assistance and support for HECS?HELP forms

Office Locations and Contacts

Contacts of the Department of Education

For more general information on Commonwealth supported locations, HELP loans (including HECS-HELP FEE-HELP, SA HELP OS?HELP, VET FEE?HELP as well as OS?HELP) and Commonwealth Higher Education Student Support Number (CHESSN):

  • Call 1800 020 108 (or the number 13 38 73 to get VET Help with Fees);
  • to hear, speech or TTY users, call for users of TTY, speech or hearing phone 133 667 National Relay Service (NRS) or 1800 020 108, or
  • For users who prefer to speak and listen, for users who want to speak and listen, dial 1300 555 727 then dial 1800 020 108 or
  • for international calls calling from outside Australia contact +61 3 9938 2545.

The Australian Taxation OfficePO Box
Phone: +61 2 6216 1111

What Are All The Eligibility

For you to qualify for HECS-HELP you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be studying in an Commonwealth recognized institution;
  • You must be an Australian citizen or a permanent humanitarian visa holder;
  • Join a provider for each of the units, prior to the date of the census;
  • Meet the residency requirements
  • Read the HECS-HELP, Commonwealth supported places information booklet
  • complete a valid request for Commonwealth assistance and HECS HELP form before the date of your census (or an earlier date for administrative purposes) to your service provider.

Documents to Utilize

StudentHELP loan inquiry form

Examples of Documents

Application for an Commonwealth recognized place


Students can qualify to receive HELP loan if they complete in Australia at minimum one unit of course which is relevant to their study.

If you are planning to study abroad via distance learning throughout your course, you won’t have the necessary residency requirements.

You won’t be able to meet the requirements for residency If your institution believes you won’t be in Australia participating in any unit that is contributing to the course of study you are pursuing.

To be able to access HECS-HELP you must:

  • Find a course which is Commonwealth approved and, upon acceptance;
  • You must meet the requirements for enrollment of the provider for the units you are studying by the deadline of enrolment. There is an opportunity to file an application late prior to when the Census date.
  • Complete the form, sign and return an application for Commonwealth support as well as a HECS-HELP form prior to or on the date of the census.

Requirements Information

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Birth date
  • Birthplace of the child
  • Gender
  • Email address
  • Citizenship
  • Number for phone
  • Mobile number
  • Training Provider

Documentation is needed

The HECS-HELP program is an Commonwealth Government loan scheme available to students who are eligible for Commonwealth supported courses. The loan scheme helps students in making their student contribution and offers a cost-effective means to pay for your education.

It is the Australian Government pays the loan amount directly to your provider of course on your behalf . The HECSH-HELP debt is later filed by the Tax Office against your Tax File Number. The debt will be paid off when your repayment earnings are above the threshold of.

The HECS-HELP program is an unsecured student loan as well as a student discount. Students who are eligible can avail a HECSHELP loan to pay for their student contribution amount. Additionally, eligible students may avail the HECSHELP discount by getting 10% off any payment in advance that is $500 or greater even if they do not make use of a HECS-HELP loan.

The HECS-HELP discount functions by increasing the value of an individual’s initial payment. It means that they’ll be able to be paying less for their studies If they pay their full or part of the student contribution early.

Information that can be useful

The ATO is the main Revenue collection agent. The ATO is in charge of managing HELP loans and repayments.

Tax File Number (TFN) will be the personal identification number issued by the Australian Taxation Office for everything tax-related, including help to repay debt.

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

In order to pay the entire student contribution in advance it is only necessary be able to cover 90% of your amount due to the fact that the Government contributes the other 10%, which is the HECS HELP discount directly to your school.

Students who are eligible and don’t wish to pay the student contributions up-front are able to take out a HECS-HELP loan to pay for the entire amount. Students who apply for a the HECS-HELP loan are required to pay back their debts via the tax system if they earn over the threshold required to be able to make a compulsory repayment.

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How To Apply for HECS Student Help Loan In Australia
How To Apply for HECS Student Help Loan In Australia


A Commonwealth supported course is student who is subsidized to attend the university. The Australian Government offers a subsidy to students who are enrolled in a Commonwealth supported course by paying a part of the cost for the course directly to the institution and the student is responsible for the remaining of the costs by way of a student contribution amount.

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