How To Apply for Identity Card Living Abroad In Belgium

How To Apply for Identity Card Living Abroad In Belgium

  1. To apply, fill out the official application form, which can be downloaded on the internet in French and Dutch. You can download the form here:French:
  2. Your application will be considered after your completed request and photo are completed and the appropriate payment is paid (17 for an electronic ID credit card) to the consulate or the embassy.

Note: Photos must comply with the specifications set out by the site (available for both French in both Dutch).

Office Locations and Contacts

For all inquiries: +32 2 501 81 11.

For operational questions about eID:
Helpdesk Belpic (24h/24)
02/518.21.16 (French)
02/518.21.17 (Dutch)
Fax: 02/518.26.16

What Are All The Eligibility

All Belgian citizens older than 12 years old , whose primary home is located abroad and are included in the population register maintained by Belgian consulates and embassies.


When you apply for Identity Card, remember to indicate your preferred language for your card. Also, remember to fill in the appropriate box. When children are able to write (when they are 6 years old) They should type their name or sign in the box. If the applicant is incapable of signing due to physical or medical reasons, a reason must be added to the application. Anyone who is unable to sign the application must leave the box unfilled to declare whether or not they would like certificates as soon as possible. If yes, you’ll need to go to the store to pick up your electronic ID certificate in person.

The Information You Need

  • The word Belgium and identity card in four different languages.
  • your surname
  • the first two initials of your forename and the initial letter of your name’s third
  • Your place of residence and your birth date
  • Your sexual pleasure
  • Your country of origin
  • The number on your identity card. It is made up of 12 numbers
  • the beginning and ending dates of the validity period of your identity card.
  • Your signature
  • Your picture

A hologram of your image.

The following information is displayed at the bottom of the card.

  • Your identification number is listed is listed in the National Register of Natural Persons
  • the address of issue for your card.
  • the signature of an authorized official
  • the machine-readable portion (ICAO code)

The Document is required Identity Card Living Abroad

The Identity Card is an authentic travel document that is able to be used within EU Member States and a variety of countries that are in the EU. ID cards should not be confused identification document or residency permit granted by authorities that are relevant to the country you reside in. The two latter documents are valid only when they are legally recognized in the country where you reside.

From 1 December 2010, Belgian consulates and embassies changed to the issue of eID cards.

The identity card you have is evidence that you have been registered into the Population Register of Belgium. It can be used to prove your citizenship and your identity. As you are a Belgian citizen, you will automatically be issued your electronic identification card when you reach the age of 12. It is issued by the regional Registry Office. When you reach the age of 15 you must carry your identification card throughout the day.

Other uses for the document/certificate

The more frequently the eID is utilized, the more applications are developed to use it. For instance, right now you already have access to the eID

  • such as library cards
  • to prove identity for online transactions and purchases for booking hotels or setting up a bank account etc. ;
  • as a key element to the network of your company, to the building, to secure cupboards, etc. ;
  • to prove your age, you can use vending machines to purchase things like cigarettes, or the online gaming platform for the National Lottery for example. ;
  • as the ticket for a train
  • etc.

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