How To Apply for Immigration Visa In Gabon

How To Apply for Immigration Visa In Gabon

  • Review the latest Kenyan visa requirements by contacting the Gabon foreign ministry or visit the Gabon Embassy in the country of your permanent residence to get the requirements for a visa application to Gabon;
  • Fill out a visa application form and fill it in precisely;
  • Complete all necessary payments.
  • Attach all documents necessary;
  • Send your passport along with all documents of any diplomatic mission or consular office from the Republic of Gabon in your country of residence.
  • The letter of appointment for the interview is sent that you should read carefully to understand all information about the interview, including the date of interview, the location, and the exact time.
  • Next step Visa Interview: The procedure includes interviews and questions about several questions. There is a chance to either miss or a miss for a visa interviews. Even though you require the Visa to complete your travel plans and travel plans, an interview is essential and is often accompanied by stress and anxiety.
  • The visa is added to one’s passport following being able to pass the test;

Foreigners who are not from Africa can apply for the residence permit. It is available prior to their departure from the Gabon Embassy in the country of their origin.

Documents Required Immigration Visa

Different documents are required to obtain the various kinds of visas:

  • Two forms for visa applications V.I completed with signatures and dates.
  • Two copies of an invitation letter/cover letter of the person who is applying.
  • Two copies of the identity card, if the host is Gabon.
  • Two copies of a valid residence work permit for host if not a native.
  • Two copies of the marriage certificate if spouse is visiting.
  • Two passport-sized photos of the person applying.
  • Two copies of a valid passport or travel document showing the applicant’s Bio Data page as well as a page that shows the validity of at minimum six months.
  • Two copies of the medical referral letters from hospitals or a medical doctor to treat medical issues.
  • Two copies of the applicants residence/work permission if they do not reside in their country of residence.
Multiple Journey Visas
  • Two forms for visa applications V.I completed with signatures and dates.
  • Two passport-sized photographs of the person applying.
  • 2 copies of the cover Letter from the candidate describing the necessity to have an MJV.
  • Copy of the previous visas.
  • Candidates applying for multiple travel Visas to visit spouses must avail, as well as the aboveoptions, the following:
  • Their spouse’s National Identity Card, if Kenyan
  • Residence/Work permit if spouse an international citizen
  • Copies of wedding certificates
  • Parents who are applying for Multiple Journey visas in Gabon in order to take their children at school should have copies of valid pupil passes as well as copies of valid residential permits in the countries where they reside.
  • Two forms for visa applications V.I completed and signed, and dated.
  • Two passport-sized photos of the person applying.
  • Two copies of a valid Passport.
  • Copies of tickets for onward travel to the third destination.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Foreign affairs, Cooperation, Francophonie & Regional Integration

Bote Postale 2245,


Telephone : +241 (1) 727-600(742-370)

Fax: +241(1) 742-375

Gabons embassies, consulates or high commissions in other countries. A list of these plus their contacts can be downloaded from

How To Apply for Immigration Visa In Gabon
How To Apply for Immigration Visa In Gabon

What Are All The Eligibility

To be considered eligible, a person must possess a valid passport. The passport must have at minimum 6 months of validity left.


The fees for Visa are as follows:
  • Single entry U50 $ per person
  • Multiple entry visa 6-12 month U100 $
  • Multiple entry visa for 24 month U$ 150
  • Multiple entry visa for 36 months U$ 200


Gabon visas are generally valid for entry for three to ninety days of the date of issue.

Processing Time

A Gabon visa typically is processed within 7-10 business days. The expedited visa service may be available with additional costs.


  • The passport should remain valid for at least six months and must be clear and have a complete visa page to be endorsed.
  • The passport must be submitted along alongside the completed application. Additionally, the applicant must complete the application form with the correct amount of money as specified within the section on fees based of the itinerary that were made to prevent delays in the approval of the visa.

Requirements Information

  • Full name
  • Identification documents
  • Age
  • Nationality
  • Profession
  • Contact details (telephone, email, and physical address of the country that you currently reside in)
  • Names and addresses of the places you are planning to be staying
  • Time and dates of previous visits to Gabon

The Document is required Immigration Visa

Visas are permit which allows an individual to another country. A visa for immigration is a document that allows an individual to travel who is in another country in order to obtain permanent residency.

A visa for immigration is a form of identification issued by a consular officer overseas that permits an applicant the right to enter the destination and apply to be admitted as a legal permanent residence (LPR). There are a variety of visas available;

  • Single journey Visa
  • Multiple journey Visa
  • Transit Visa

Information that could be helpful

It is crucial to remember that

The Gabon Embassy and Consular Offices are the only authorized Gabon Government Agencies that are authorized to grant Gabon visas to citizens of a different country.

  • A passport that has a visa is not a guarantee of admission. It is the sole discretion of the immigration authorities in Gabon.
  • Declaration cards for departure and arrival can be obtained at the lounge for arrival.
  • Sometimes, you will be asked to produce additional documents.
  • Take the time to read your letter to the interviewer.
  • Take all documents required that could have been requested in the appointment letter for interview.
  • Photos must be attached to the application form with the help of a glue stick. The photo should be clipped and stapled onto the application form is not recommended.

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

  • When admitted as a legal Permanent Resident, the applicant generally is able to work and live in Gabon for a long time.
  • One can study and work in Gabon
  • An applicant may be enrolled in any scheme for social services , such as health treatment and costs
  • The person can get access to certain social security benefits
  • Apply to apply for Gabon citizenship (after you’ve lived there for a specified amount of time)
  • Family members can be asked to propose permanent residency
  • Take English or French class in French or English.
  • The information is detailed when a foreigner enters the country.
  • One can be easily reached during any emergency because the location where he or the person is in the area is recorded through the process.

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