How to Apply for Import-Export Ornamental Stone Permit In Benin

 Apply for Import-Export Ornamental Stone Permit In Benin By Online

  1. Applicant(s) must visit the Ministry of Water, General Directorate of Mines, check out the office’s location and contact information below for contact information and address.
  2. Send your request to the MEM receptionist/secretariat front desk. Collect all of the required application forms and fill them out accurately.
  3. Complete the forms and submit them along with supporting documents (as as listed below under the required documents Section) at the MEM secretariat to be registered, and receive an acknowledgement slip.
  4. Your application will be sent to the department that is responsible to be processed and verified, and then the department will forward its recommendation to the interministerial committee for further evaluation and decisions made at the discretion of the commission.
  5. After submitting the application, you must pay the amount and submit the Receipt of Payment for fixed duty to General Directorate of Mines office within two working days.
  6. When the payment has been made, the commission’s interministerial committee has an interval of 10 (10) work days starting from the date when the file was submitted to notify the person who submitted the file of the validity or non-admissibility of the application and given additional instructions.
  7. The applications that are accepted will be further evaluated and dealt with through The interministerial Committee.
  8. After examining the file and based on the admissibility determination of that file’s committee interministerial, permits will then be drafted by the department responsible for it and then issued to the person applying by the registered official or authorized official within 90 days of the identification document for the applicant as well as an acknowledgement slip.

Required Documents  For How to Apply for Import-Export Ornamental Stone Permit 

  • An application for permission that is addressed to the Minister responsible of mines with an inscription of fiscal stamps of 1000 F
  • Importer card.
  • The state of the company
  • Certificate of Nationality
  • Residence certificate
  • Criminal record
  • Valid identification document

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Water and Mines MEM
General Directorate of Mines
Address: ADJIBI building, Boulevard Saint Michel de Cotonou
Tel: +229 21 32 22 73
The working hours are Monday through Friday: 8h00hrs – 12h30hrs

Evening: 15h00hrs-18h30hrs


  • Any structure or person who is or exporting decorative stones


  • The fee for licenses is 20,000,000 CFA Franc

Processing Time

  • The commission’s interministerial committee is granted 10 (10) work days beginning on the date of the submission of the dossier to inform the applicant of the acceptance or denial of his application.
  • If your application is approved for processing, you will be informed of the decision within 90 days of submitting your application.

Requirements Information

  • Legal names of the applicant/company.
  • Telephone number(s)
  • Addresses for postal mail
  • Email address
  • Contact information of the business or company
  • Information about the manager (name number, post, and phone No.)
  • Information about branches, if they exist
  • Declaration

Documentation is needed

  • Import-export stone licenses are an official document issued to a natural legal entity, or a business or person from the Ministry of mine and water to facilitate the import and export of stones with ornamental properties into or from Benin.

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    How to Apply for Import-Export Ornamental Stone Permit In Benin


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