How To Apply for International Driver License In Cote Divoire

How To Apply for International Driver License In Cote Divoire

The applicant must visit the office of Automobile Association of Cote Divoire and select applications forms for an international Drivers License/Permit (IDP)

  • The applicant fills in the form.
  • The applicant goes to a bank that is designated and pay a fee for the acquisition of the license
  • The applicant will then hand in an application form that is completed with an original Cote Divoire driving license along with passport photos, proof of the fee paid.
  • The applicant is then waiting for several days to receive an International Drivers license to be processed.

Documents that are required International Driver License

  • Photocopies of your current valid Cote Divoire driver’s license.
  • A passport size photo – that is signed by the person applying in the back.
  • A fully completed IDP request form.
  • Evidence that you have paid fees applying for the license

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Transports

Gaoussou TOURE

The Ministry of Economic Infrastructure Ministry of Economic Infrastructure

Patrick ACHI. Patrick ACHI

Address : Immeuble Postel 2001, Plateau

B.P. V 6 Abidjan Cte d’Ivoire

Phone: 20 34 73 11

Phone. 20 34 73 15


Fax: 20 21 37 30

What Are All The Eligibility

Anyone who has an active Ivorian Driver’s License and foreign Driving permits that are not less than one-year before expiration.


International Driving Permit Fees Cost Processing Time

  • A Year $60.00 2 weeks
  • $100.00 3-4 days
  • Five-year US Driving License holder $60.00 2 weeks
  • $100.00 4 days
  • Five-year Non US driving license holder $100.00 3 weeks
  • $115.00 2 weeks
  • $135.00 1 week


The permit is valid for 1 to 5 Years

Processing Time

Processing takes 30 working days.


  • Holders with the International Drivers licence don’t need to apply for driving permits to drive a car in the country they might be travelling to.
  • The Cote Divoire driving license is an evidence of the applicant’s ability in driving, and is not requiring you to take any additional driving lessons of tests.
  • All you have to do is fill out the application for an international driving permits and you’ll be able begin traveling across the border without worrying about anything.
  • International Driving Permits can’t be granted to holders of temporary licenses.
  • It is important to verify that the details are on your Cote Divoire Drivers licence are exact. If you find any mistakes or an alteration in address or name it is imperative to notify the person who issued your licence.
  • The IDP can be used inside the origin country, or within Cote Divoire and can’t be substituted for an ordinary driver’s license.

The Information You Need

  • Name
  • Address
  • Birth date, country/town
  • Email address
  • Contacts
  • Cote Divoire Drivers licence number
  • CoteDivoire drivers Licence issuing authority
  • Car type
  • Date of departure

The Document is required International Driver License

  • It is a fact that in Cote Divoire permits can be issued from Government Agency and private organization according to the Nations Convention on Road Traffic. If you’re planning to rent a vehicle or operate a private vehicle There is a high chance you will require this permit. In certain instances the permit needs to be presented by the car rental company In other instances it’s only required in the case of a traffic incident or other an infraction.
  • International Driving Permit is recognized all over Cote Divoire and is mandatory for any foreigner who drives if you have one.You are able to obtain one-year or five calendar year International Driving Permit.

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How To Apply for International Driver License In Cote Divoire
How To Apply for International Driver License In Cote Divoire



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