How To Apply for Original Land Title In Cote Divoire

How To Apply for Original Land Title In Cote Divoire

1.In order to be able to obtain the Original Land Title, in Cte dIvoire the applicant has to first register the land. In order to be able to register the land successfully legally, a legal entity (Notary Lawyer / Attorney) is required to assist with the process. So, the applicant must begin by finding a legally registered person to assist with the process.

2.When someone who is legal is contacted, he/ will first visit the Land Registry (Conservation de la Proprit Foncire et des hypothques) and request the real estate rights records. This is done to check for any land available;

3.Thereafter the legal person is required to visit the authority for taxation (Direction Gnrale des Impts du Cte Ivoire) to get an official Tax clearance document. The tax clearance certificate should state that all taxes associated with the land are paid;

4.When the tax certificate is received, the person applying through the legal entity contracted will then be able to obtain a localization certification (certificat for localization). In this instance the legal entity submits an application to a licensed land surveyor. When they are asked, the survey the land and then issue a certificate that provides the details of the parcel of land.

5.If the applicant who wants to get an original title to land acquired land through purchase an agreement for sale is drawn up by the legal representative and, if the land has been transferred to an new owner the transfer agreement is then prepared. The draft document is signed between the two sides (the original owner as well as the new owner/applicant);

6.Thereafter the legal entity submits an application for registration of the an agreement for land that has been prepared to the local tax authority. At this point the applicant is required to submit the agreement, and registration fee is paid.

7.Then the legal person following registration with the tax authorities in their locality will move on to transfer of land from the original owner to the new owner/ applicant. In this scenario they submit an request for transfer of land the Land Registry;

8.The documents submitted are analyzed and then the transfer process is completed and an New Land certificate (New Land Title) is given to the applicant.

Documents that are required Original Land Title 

1.Identification documents for the new and original owner of the land

2.Present title to land in the name of the first owner

3.Tax Clearance Certificate

4.Location Certificate (certificat de localization)

5.Sales Agreement / Transfer Agreement

6.Payment Slips

Office Locations and Contacts

Land Registry (Conservation de la Proprit Foncire et des Hypothques)

Telephone: (225) 20-21-56-54

Fax: (225) 20-21-26-96

Direction Gnrale des Impts de Cte d’Ivoire

BP V 103 Abidjan, Rpublique de Cte d’Ivoire

Telephone: +225 20 21 75 61 / 20 22 65 02 / +225 20 21 70 15

Fax: +225 20 22 87 12 / +225 20 22 87 86

Email: / / /

What Are All The Eligibility

Citizens from Cote dIvoire.


1.Request for the record of real estate rights 3. Request for the real estate rights record FCFA

2.Fees to the legal person 1.7 to 2.7 percent of the land value

3.Tax Clearance Certificate 5,000 FCFA

4.Obtaining a Location Certificate (certificat de localization) 90,000 FCFA

5.Registration with local tax authorities for 7 percent of the land value

6.Registration of the transfer 1.2 percent of the value of land (general services tax 0.8 percent and the salaries of conservateurs 0.4 percent)

7.New Title Certificate (Land Title) 15,000 FCFA

8.Clerks fee of 2,000 FCFA

9.Photocopy cost 1,000 FCFA


The title is a long time since ownership of the the land has not been transferred

Processing Time

1.Request for the record of real estate rights 3 (3) days

2.Tax Clearance Certificate Two (2) four (4) days

3.Obtaining a Location Certificate (certificat de localization) Three (3) days

4.Drafting and signing the agreement The agreement should be signed and drafted within five (5) to the tenth (10) days

5.Registration with the local tax authority The registration period is five (5) to the ten (10) days

6.Registration in the transfer of land. (15) days


1.Applicants should employ an authorized person during the process of obtaining title.

2.In instances when a tax clearance can’t be obtained, a notary is able to perform contracts on behalf of the other party;

3.In situations where a notary is executing a contract on behalf of other party, a tax certification is required in 1 (1) calendar month.

4.In most instances, at the time of registration with the regional tax administration vendors are obliged be able to shell out 3% tax for Capital Gains Tax

5.Applicants must verify that the Localization Certificate (certificat for localization) contains information about the current title and land survey information, and an explanation of the condition of the property;

6.Ensure that the taxes associated with the land are paid prior to applying for a title to the land;

7.Land that is to be registered be purchased from the owner who is actually the real owner.

8.Applicants must show that land was acquired in a legal manner, such as by providing sales agreements or transfer agreements or other documents that show proof of the acquisition;

9.In order to speed up the process certain processes are able to be performed at the same time

The Information You Need

1.Name and postal address the original owner of the land

2.Name and postal address the new owner (applicant)

3.Nationality of the applicant

4.Details of a legal entity who has been contracted

5.Location on land (place number, plot or block number)

6.Land description (size appearance, features and size on the property)

The document is needed

A land title original is a legally legal document that demonstrates the land’s ownership. In Cote dIvoire this document is given to landowners through the Land Registry (Conservation de la Proprit Foncire et des hypothques) when they submit a request for it.

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

1.A title to land signifies the owner of the land;

2.Presence of a title to a particular parcel of land can reduce the likelihood of conflicts and disputes likely to arise;

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How To Apply for Original Land Title In Cote Divoire



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