How to Apply for Jamaica Values and Attitudes Programme (JAMVAT) Scholarships for Tertiary Students In Jamaica

Apply for Jamaica Values and Attitudes Programme (JAMVAT) Scholarships for Tertiary Students In Jamaica By Yourself

  1. In order to be eligible in the JAMVAT (JAMVAT) scholarship opportunities for students in the Tertiary School You must send your applications to JAMVAT liaison officer within the institution of your choice or the JAMVAT unit within the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information at the address listed in the “Office Contacts & Locations” section.
  2. The application forms can be downloaded via the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information by clicking the following link: Link
  3. Follow the directions on the form and fill out the form according to the instructions.
  4. Collect the supporting documents required and join them with the application
  5. Submit the application and all required supporting documents at the address listed in step 1 above.
  6. When the application is submitted after which it will be inspected by the official responsible to determine if the application meets the standards required to be approved
  7. After approval, the list of approved applicants will be sent to the participating institutions.
  8. Then, you will be informed via JAMVAT about the decision by your Email and all the pertinent documents, including the approval letter
  9. After receiving the approval letters from JAMVAT start with the two hundred hours voluntary community service
  10. The place at which you’ll be performing the 200 hour service A supervisor will be monitoring your progress and at the end of the 200-hour service, the supervisor will seal and sign each timecard you have completed. in the event that the place of work doesn’t have an official mark, your supervisor will have to make a written statement as evidence of the Timecard information.
  11. Then , you must send all the required documents JAMVAT to be approved:
    • Time Card(s) signed and stamped, Work/Study agreement (completed) and Bank Return Form, with the seal of Branch that confirms the verification, JMVAT Job Description signed and stamped, JAMVAT essay, the JAMVAT test or Your performance evaluation, work for JAMVAT or examine your appraisal form.
  12. After your timecard is verified and you are able to prove that 200 hours of voluntary service has been completed, JAMVAT may provide a Commitment Letter to the institution in order to confirm your payment eligibility within 7 working days of your request.
  13. Then JAMVAT will then transfer the Stipend to your account.

Required Documents For Apply for Jamaica Values and Attitudes Programme

New students first year

  • Acceptance letter (No longer than 6 months)for an institution that is local to the university and in the case where the planned program of study has been accepted through the University Council of Jamaica (UCJ)
  • A valid ID or a certified copy of birth certificate Certificate
  • Statement of accounts, or Tuition letter
  • Size of passport picture
  • Tax Registration Number (TRN)
  • Complete the application form

Student Returning to School (Continuing)

  • Status Letter (No more than 6 month)
  • Transcript (No more than 6 months old)
  • Statement of accounts, or Tuition letter
  • Passport size image
  • Tax Registration Number (TRN)
  • Complete the application form

Office Locations and Contacts

All applications that are completed must be submitted to JAMVAT
Ministry of Education, Youth, and Information
Tertiary Unit,
Building 3 four National Heroes Circle,Kingston 4
Contact: (876) 612-6046 or 612-6050
Contact information and Regional offices : Link


  • Students in Tertiary who are eligible for admission however, are financially unable to pay for their tuition can apply

These are the requirements that must be met prior to making an application for JAMVAT The Scholarships available to Tertiary School Students:

  • The applicant must have between 18 and 35 on or before December 31st of the year in which you apply.
  • It is required to be a full-time student
  • You must be a student with an GPA at 2.5 or more.
  • It is required to complete 200 hours of work after approval of the application


The application is completely free.


The JAMVAT Scholarships are applicable for the entire academic year that it was awarded.

Documents to Utilize

Application form: Link


  • Applications that are incomplete are not considered for processing.
  • It is required to complete required 200 hours service and then obtain a signed and seal on every timecard or write a declaration as a proof of the Timecard details to your supervisor at the time of your work
  • Stipends are paid to accounts that are held by commercial banks (NCB as well as BNS) within Jamaica.
  • The JAMVAT payment cannot be transferred across academic years.
  • If your application isn’t accepted, you may contest the decision by writing to the JAMVAT

Requirements Information

  • Personal Information
  • General Information
  • Information about employment
  • Academic information
  • Financial Information
  • Information on Reference
  • Information about the place of placement
  • Declaration

The Document is required

The funds will help you with the cost of tuition

Information that can be useful

Information on JAMVAT: Link

External Links

MOEY: Link



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