How To Apply for LaissezPasser In Costa Rica

How To Apply for LaissezPasser In Costa Rica

  • The applicant must visit the Consulate that has jurisdiction over the area.
  • Complete the application form, and then submit together with the other papers to the Consulate.
  • The Consulate will submit the request Costa Rica for approval by the General Directorate of Immigration.

Documents Required Apply for LaissezPasser

  • Note to Consul General outlining the reasons you don’t have a travel permit – when, how , and where the document was lost or stolen passport.
  • A copy of the report from that police investigation. If the officer fails to extend the report, ask for the identified case number as well as the the name and address of the cop.
  • Identity card
  • Photocopy of identity card valid with both faces. If a minor is present, need to present the birth certificate.
  • 2 colored photos, passport size.
  • Consular stamps.

If the applicant doesn’t possess a Costa Rican identity card or passport, they must bring it to the Costa Rican Consulate, two witnesses and sign a sworn declaration in the presence. The applicants must also show an original birth certificate.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Avenida 7-9, Street 11-13, San Jose, Costa Rica Map

Contact Phone Number (506) 2539-5300

PO Box 10027-1000


Officials of the Ministry of Ministry

Officials Abroad

How To Apply for LaissezPasser In Costa Rica
How To Apply for LaissezPasser In Costa Rica


  • $20.00 – payment for consular stamps


  • The validity of the pass is six months after the date of the issue. If after 6 months, the pass is not utilized, it ceases in validity, and a fresh one is required to be purchased.
  • The card can be used for one entry into Costa Rica. After arriving the passport is issued, in Costa Rica the applicant must show up at the Directorate General of Immigration and request the renewal of their passport.

The document is needed

  • A Laissez-Passer is a type of travel document issued by a nation’s government. It was created to prevent situations in which Costa Ricans are refused entry to their country due to their passports were stolen or lost.
  • The following are steps to follow you can apply to a laissez-passer.

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