How To Apply for Learner Driving Permit In Andorra

How To Apply for Learner Driving Permit In Andorra

  1. Visit the Licensing Office to apply for an permit for a learner.
  2. Fill out an application form.
  3. Complete the form and submit it together with the other documents.
  4. Take The Theory Test.
  5. Pay the applicable fee prior to you receive the permits.

Documents that are required Learner Driving Permit

  • Application form completed
  • Medical certificate from the official medical institution:
    • Permission to operate motor vehicles of classes A1 B1, A2, and mopeds
    • This form is valid only to verify the competency of people who want to get a driver’s licence and has to be filled out with the signature of a physician.
  • Parent’s consent to obtain an official driver’s license valid in these categories of drivers:
    • Moped 49cc
    • Category A1
    • Category J

Office Locations and Contacts

Government of AndorraC. Prat de la creu, 62-64
AD500 Andorra la Vella
Switchboard: +376 875 700
Atenci ciutadana: 150

Documents to Utilize

Processing Time

It can take up to one or two days to take care of your application.

The Document is required Learner Driving Permit

A driving permit is an official document that allows a person to operate a motorized vehicle such as a motorcycle truck, car or bus on public roads. The document is also used as a proof of identification and evidence of the ages of the person.

Before you have the ability to apply for a driver’s license, you’ll need to get a Learner’s Driving Permit first. The permit or license for learning allows you to test your driving (supervised) before you take the test for driving practice.

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