How to Apply for Legal Aid In Bermuda

Apply for Legal Aid In Bermuda By Online

  1. Prepare and gather all the necessary documents for your application. Make sure the application is complete with all of the required documents ready prior to beginning the application.
  2. Get the application form from Bermuda’s Government of Bermuda website: Website or directly download it by clicking this URL: Application Form
  3. How to Apply for Legal Aid In Bermuda
    How to Apply for Legal Aid In Bermuda
  4. The application form should be filled in the correct manner and double check that your application contains all necessary documents with the “documents needed to be eligible for legal assistance” section of the form.
  5. Complete all the information required on the form. Then, send the form the form to Hamilton’s Legal Aid Office, 20 Victoria Street in Hamilton for confirmation and processing.
  6. The applicant will have to answer to answer questions regarding your family based on the past 12 months. The application will be witnessed by an internal counsel.
  7. Then , the application will be reviewed and sent for review by the Legal Aid Committee for a decision.
  8. If you’ve been granted Legal Aid approval, you could be required to pay an all-in-one contribution. The amount can range from $150to $750 dependent on the amount of income total or your disposable capital.

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Required Documents For Apply for Legal Aid 

Financial information of household members in general:

  • Stubs of pay
  • Children’s support (whether paid or not)
  • Statements of Financial Assistance
  • Benefits from pension/disability
  • Rent paid (if the landlord is)
  • Rent is paid when you lease
  • A mortgage is paid when you are a homeowner


  • Statements from banks (local and foreign)
  • The insurance statement for any vehicle you own
  • Tax statement for land (if you are an owner of a property)
  • Valuation of land (if the land you have is ) whether local or from overseas
  • Boat valuation
  • Time share value
  • Investment accounts
  • Value of jewelry, antiques, or other collectibles

allowances (applicant for only)

  • Mortgage payments or monthly rent (if you do not pay rent on a regular basis but contribute to household finances and are able to contribute to the household finances, you should submit this information)
  • Child support or school tuition payments (if you’re supporting the child who isn’t an integral member of the household)
  • Name and age of all dependents younger than 21, (if they are part of your household that depend on your financial resources)

Other documents that are relevant to the support

  • Information sheet on criminal issues
  • Marriage certificate for divorces
  • Other relevant court order or document

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Legal Affairs:
Department of Legal Aid Office
20 Victoria Street
Hamilton HM 11
(441) 297 7617


  • You should refer to the lawful aid act (opportunity to seek legal advice) to determine if you qualify.

The law is described in the “Information that could be helpful” section.


  • One-time contribution of $150 to $750 depending on your income total or your disposable capital.

Documents to Utilize


  • If you are knowingly providing false information when applying in for Legal Aid, you will commit an offense in the Legal Aid Act 1980 and can be punished by law.

The Document is required

  • This application will help you obtain legal aid from for the federal government.

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