How to Apply for License to Operate a Civil Aviation Academy In Uganda

Apply for License to Operate a Civil Aviation Academy In Uganda By Yourself

Application Procedure for Certification, Approval, and Application

Step 1 Pre-Application Phase

  1. The person who is planning to apply for an approved course of study Civil Aviation Academy /Organization Certificate should communicate the intent for an approval from the Authority. This can be done via phone or writing, or even by visiting the UCAA offices.
  2. After initial contact an initial meeting to discuss the application will be scheduled with the applicant as well as Authority Authority for discussion of the requirements for application and approval process.
  3. Candidates will be briefed in the greatest detail is necessary in the process of preparing documents such as the Training Procedures Manual and other documents in meetings with Authority staff.
  4. The Authority will provide an application template AC-OPS001 to the applicant to fill out and submit. The preliminary Application Declaration of Intent (PASI) is also sent to the applicant, to sign and complete and returned to the Authority office.
  5. If the information provided is correct and satisfactory If the information is complete and acceptable, the Authority will choose the team that will be responsible for the certification and arrange a pre-application appointment with the applicant as well as the chosen Authority team members for certification.

Step 2: The Formal Application Phase

  1. The applicant who has been granted the Civil Aviation Academy/Organizational Certificate of Training must send the following documents to the Authority at least 90 days prior to the date of operation.
    • An application must be made on an application form in the way that is prescribed in the Authority.
    • An evidence that proves that the minimum requirements for qualification for each managerial position have been satisfied.
    • A description of the required qualifications and the ratings of each instructor.
    • an acknowledgement that the applicant has the right to notify the Authority within 10 work days after any changes in the assignments of individuals in the necessary instructional or managerial post.
    • the proposed training requirements requested from the prospective applicant.
    • An explanation of the training equipment the applicant intends to use , such as equipment like the plane, fake flight trainers, and any other special equipment that is used in each phase of training.
    • An inventory of the aerodromes and sites from where training flights begin where applicable, and an explanation of the training facilities available to applicants equipment, qualifications and personnel that will be utilized.
    • Training programs, such as outline, manuals, curricula courses, procedures, and documents.
    • An overview of a system to keep records which will record the particulars of qualifications, training and licensure of instructors, students, and evaluation experts.
    • A description of the quality-control procedures proposed.
    • an opportunity to prove the applicant’s qualifications and abilities to offer training to obtain a license or a rating that is less than the required minimum number of hours within the Civil Aviation (Personnel Licensing) Regulations in the event that the applicant plans to apply for a licence or rating.
    • A declaration of compliance indicating how the applicant has satisfied all requirements applicable to this Regulations.
  2. Note: The process of certification commences only once the Application package has been approved.
  3. In order to accept the application, the Authority will conduct an initial review of the application.
  4. In the event that the examination is successful If the review is successful, the Authority will draft the certification schedule in collaboration with the applicant during an official meeting for the application and will outline the order of tasks to be performed and the time frame of achievement to be observed during the certification process.

Step 3. Document Phase Evaluation

  1. The Authority Inspectors then conduct an in-depth analysis of the contents of all documents submitted for conformity with the regulations, relevancy and extent.
  2. In general , the documents are needed to define, explain and demonstrate the complete organisation’s structures, functions, and plans. It is essential to explain how the company will adhere to the Regulations and also how the terms of approval will be continuously maintained following the certification and approval have been issued, i.e. Internal audits, and finding corrective actions.

4. Demonstration, and Inspection Phase

  1. Following a successful assessment phase, the applicant must prove his capacity to fully comply with the regulations prior to launching operations.
  2. These demonstrations are based on actual performance of operations or activities while being monitored by Authority Inspectors. This is inclusive of on-site assessments of the following:
    • Aircrafts that are suggested for conduct of instruction as appropriate
    • Training devices and flight simulators in the event that they are applicable
    • Equipment for training and training facilities
    • The curriculum for training
    • Training ongoing
    • Examinations and tests
    • Record keeping system
    • Quality Control system for Quality Control.
  3. In these inspections and demonstrations In these demonstrations and inspections, the Authority examines the effectiveness of the guidelines, procedures of operation, procedures, and guidelines that are outlined in the manual of the applicant and other documents. Particular emphasis is given to the application’s management of its systems as well as quality control, and overall training and management effectiveness in this stage. Discriminations will be reported to the applicant, and corrective actions is required prior to an award is made.

Step 5: The Certification Phase

  1. Following the evaluation of the document and the demonstration and inspection phases are completed successfully The Authority will issue an ATO Certificate and approve the Training Specifications.
  2. The Training Specifications contain the courses and their authorizations, limitations and other provisions that are specific to the operation of the certificate holder.
  3. The holder of the certificate must acknowledge the receipt the documents.
  4. This ATO certificate is valid for 12 months.
  • Notification: During the time of the formal application, an applicant is informed to pay the fees prescribed that are listed in”Fees” or the “Fees” section of this page . UCAA charges page.

Required Documents For Apply for License to Operate a Civil Aviation Academy

  • A declaration that shows that the minimum requirements for qualification for each managerial position are satisfied.
  • A outline of the minimum qualifications and ratings for each instructor.
  • A declaration acknowledging that the applicant has the right to inform the Authority within 10 working days in the event of a changes made to the assignments of those in the instructor or management post.
  • The proposed training specifications for the applicant; by the applicant
  • An explanation of the equipment for training the applicant intends to use , including an aircraft as well as artificial flight trainers and any additional equipment that is used in each phase of training.
  • A list of aerodromes or locations from where training flights begin where applicable, as well as an explanation of the facilities for training the applicant has equipment, as well as the qualifications of the personnel who will be employed.
  • A program for training, comprising guides, curricula and manuals, outlines and courseware, as well as procedures and other documentation.
  • An overview of the record-keeping process which will record the specifics of education, qualifications and licenses of instructors, students and evaluations.
  • A description of the quality-control measures that are proposed.
  • An approach to demonstrate the ability and qualifications of the applicant to offer training for a license or rating with less than the number of hours required under the Civil Aviation (Personnel Licensing) Regulations in the event that the applicant plans to take this step.
  • A certificate of compliance that demonstrates what the application has fulfilled the requirements of these Regulations

Office Locations and Contacts

Uganda Civil Aviation AuthorityAirport Road-Entebbe
P.O.Box 5536 Kla
+256 312 352 000


  • Anyone or any organization who is willing to conduct testing, training or check on flight simulators made of synthetic materials in Uganda can submit the application.


  • Initial inspection of a school of training school and issue of a certificate for $ US500 comparable to Ugsh. 1,875,000/=
  • Certificate of Approval $ US 50, which is equivalent to 187,500


  • The duration of validity is 12 months.

Processing Time

  • The processing time is ninety days.


  • The ATO certification process is carried out in accordance with The Five Phase Certification and Approval Methodology.
  • Phases: The Five (5) Phases include:
    • Pre-application
    • Formal Application
    • Document Evaluation
    • Demonstration and Inspection , and
    • Certification.

The Information You Need

  1. Name of the Applicant
  2. Address of the applicant’s business
  3. In the event that applicant’s is a business (registered office or registered office, company registration number day of incorporation, operating company name and address for correspondence)
  4. The Nationality of Applicant
  5. Indicate the kind of service requested (i.e. whether you want scheduled service or not scheduled work, air or flying instructions, etc.)
  6. Include all other air services that were operated by the applicant prior to the submission of this application . Give the license numbers for each service.
  7. Provide details of the agreements you have made with other business that is operating an air service.
  8. Financial particulars.
  9. Staffing, organization.
  10. Employment terms and conditions within the company.
  11. Details of any previous experience in air transportation operations or any other relevant experience of Directors and the senior management personnel of the company
  12. Equipment and aircraft (state the type of aircraft you are using or planning to use on the air services for providing details)
  13. Haftung for damage or loss information
  14. Declaration

Information that can be useful

Renewal of AN ATO Certificate

  • A request for renewal of an ATO certificate must be made using Form TF-071 to the Authority within 30 days prior to the expiration date of the current ATO certificate.
  • The Authority will conduct an official examination on the ATO to make sure that it is in compliance with the requirements for certification.
  • When the test is successful If the audit is successful, it will be confirmed that the ATO Certificate and applicable training specifications will be renewed.
  • A person should not run an educational center whose sole purpose is to provide security for civil aviation training in compliance with the Regulations along with the National Civil Aviation Security Training Programme without an approved training organization certificate issued by the authorities

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