How to Apply for Licenses to Operate Private Employment Agencies In Jamaica

Apply for Licenses to Operate Private Employment Agencies In Jamaica By Yourself

  1. In order to apply for a permit to operate an employment agency that is private in Jamaica You must send your request to the Ministry of Labour and Social Security (MLSS) in order to be considered. the application will be evaluated and handled through the Employment Agencies Unit under the Labour Division. Check out the MLSS contact information by clicking here: Link
  2. Visit the MLSS office, Labour Division, and collect the required forms for application as well as a checklist that lists all necessary documents required and the fee to be paid in order to complete your application. The application form and/or forms can be downloaded from MLSS website by clicking the following link Link
  3. After that, you will be interviewed by a compliance official in the Employment Agencies Unit regarding your desire to operate an employment agency for private hire and the officer will confirm the registration of your business as well as the evidence of employment that you have offered
  4. Once you have verified the registration of the business and evidence of employment, fill out your application forms 1 as well as Form 2. (surety form) properly. Form 2 must be filled out only for overseas licenses.
  5. Gather and organize all required documents and join these to your application form in one file
  6. Pay the applicable fees at the collectorate of the island, i.e. or the tax office. Then, you can get the receipt of payment for the fee paid.
  7. Once your application form as well as all documents and supporting information have been signed, stamped and certified if required then visit the MLSS department for labor and submit your entire application, including invoice for the Employment Agencies Unit
  8. The unit will evaluate your request and set an inspection date to visit your facility
  9. On the day of the inspection on the date of inspection, the Employment Agencies Unit will conduct an inspection at your place of business to verify the legality to issue the license. In addition, they will draft an account based on the findings of the inspection
  10. The inspection report and the application documents are examined and submitted for review by the license officer i.e. the permanent secretary to make an official decision.
  11. A licensing official will consider about the application in light of its completeness and the inspection report before deciding whether to approve or decline it.
  12. You will then be informed about the result of your application. If it is accepted you can take the license in person or request an authorized person to take it for you.

Required Documents For Apply for Licenses to Operate Private Employment Agencies

  • Complete the application form 1
  • Complete the form of surety (Required for overseas licenses only)
  • A letter from the trustee Bankruptcy
  • A letter from the Police Commissioner. Police
  • Police records
  • The Background Information Sheet must be completed.
  • Certificate of registration for business
  • Photo ID
  • Taxpayer Registration Number
  • Recent Utility Bill
  • Photograph of passport size
  • Evidence of Job that is in an Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) for jobs in Canada as well as a petition for job opportunities within America. United States as well as information about the background of the partner in the other country. Be aware that all operators have to provide contracts to foreign partners with details of the jobs available.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Labour and Social Security (MLSS)-Labour DivisionAddress: 1F North Street, Kingston Jamaica, West Indies
Tel: (876) 922-9500-9
Fax: (876) 922-6902/ (876) 922-0996
Contact details: Link

Employment in the Overseas Market
Address: 110-114 East Street, Kingston Jamaica, West Indies
TEL: (876) 922-4374 or (876) 948-1514
Fax: (876) 948-3834


  • To be considered for the application you must be at least 25 years old and be a Jamaican citizen or have an Employment Permit related to the job and be either the CARICOM National (under the rights of establishment) and also possess a physical place of business in accordance with the law.


  • The application costs are JMD 15,000 for placement in the overseas market or JMD $10,000 for local placement.

Note that you have to make a security bond of JMD 500,000 and you must pay the stamp tax of JMD 7,500.


  • It is valid during the time stipulated in it. It is renewed at the end of the term at JMD 5,000. JMD 5,005.

Documents to Utilize

  • Application form 1: Link
  • Form 2 for Surety: Link

Processing Time

  • The application will be processed within 30 days.


  • Make sure the application you submit is valid and complete, as incomplete applications won’t be considered for processing.

The Information You Need

  • Names
  • Name of the agency that employs you.
  • Address of the Agency
  • Contact details
  • Applicant address details
  • Tax Registration Number
  • Information about business registration
  • Signature and Date

The Document is required

  • The license shows that you are legally authorized to run an employment agency for private hire in accordance with the law.

Information that could be helpful

  • Employment Agency Employment Act: Link

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