How to Apply for Like a Travel Document Passport To WNI In Indonesia

Apply for Like a Travel Document Passport To WNI In Indonesia By Online

  • Send your application to:
    • Director of Immigration Office or Immigration Officer for Indonesian residents residing or residing in the Region Indonesia, or
    • The immigration officials (appointed by the Head of State of the Republic of Indonesia) to Indonesian citizens who reside or are located outside of the Indonesian region.

In the event that there aren’t immigration officer at the Indonesian Representatives abroad, the request is sent directly to the Head Representative for Indonesia. Republic of Indonesia.

Office Locations and Contacts

For contact details: Jl. H. R. Rasuna Said Kav. 8-9 Jakarta Selatan 12190
Call Center: (021)5224658 extension. 2106
Telefax: (021)5224658
SMS Center: 081381307650
Email :

For a list of Immigration Divisions, check this link:
For a list of Immigration Offices, check this link:


Indonesian citizens who would like to travel.


Similar to a travel document Passport to Indonesian citizens is valid for two years, and is valid for one-time (travel) usage only.

The Document is required

  • As an travel Document Passport for Indonesian citizens (also called SPLP, “Travel Document in Lieu of a Passport”) is an Indonesian travel document for people who don’t have other travel documents that are suitable to allow them to travel between and within Indonesia.
  • Indonesian SPLPs are usually issued to foreigners from Indonesia who haven’t registered their visit through the Indonesian consulate and who have lost their passports. They could also be issued to citizens of Indonesia when supplies in blank Indonesian passports are depleted.

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