How to Apply for Lion / Dragon / Unicorn Dance Permit in Hong Kong

Apply for Lion / Dragon / Unicorn Dance Permit in Hong Kong

  • To apply for an application for a Lion / Dragon / Unicorn Dance Permit to apply for one, you’ll have to submit an application at the police station in your area. Police Station.
  • The application form is included under the “Documents to Use’ section which you can download the form. The forms can also be requested at the local police station.
  • Once you’ve completed the application it is necessary to create the relevant documents to refer to. For instance, if your organisation is recognized as an Company or Society and so on, the appropriate certificates are required.If it is the case that the Lion Dance is to be held on the common space of a private building or property in which the organizer received approval from the manager or owner involved, the specifics of the approval along with documents supporting the approval should be supplied.
  • You will be required to provide the name of the participant, their sex as well as HK Identity Card number of all participants and 2 copies of your participant list.
  • It is also necessary to upload a photocopy the photo-side of the organizer’s, and every applicant’s Hong Kong Identity Card must be included on your application. But, you can show their Hong Kong Identity Card in person.
  • It can take more than or less than 14 days to get your application completed.

Required Documents For Lion / Dragon / Unicorn Dance Permit

  • Application is complete
  • Photocopies of the photo-only portion of the organizer’s and every Participant’s Hong Kong Identity Card must be placed on the card.

Office Locations and Contacts

Public Order Events Support

12/F Arsenal House, Police Headquarters,
1. Arsenal Street, Wan Chai,
Hong Kong
(MTR Admiralty Station Exit D/ Wan Chai Station Exit C)

Tel. No. 2860 6551

Fax line: 2200 4503.


  • The applicants can contact the Duty Officer responsible for information on the procedure to apply for the Lion Dance Permit or requirements regarding the event’s arrangement.

They can also call to the Public Order Event Support Section, Police Licensing Office on 2860 6551 for more details regarding Lion Dance policy matters.

Documents to Utilize

Application to get the issuance of a Lion or Dragon Unicorn Dancing Permit

Processing Time

It could take 14 or more days for your application to be considered.

Requirements Information


  • Name
  • Hong Kong ID Card No
  • Contact Tel. No.
  • Mobile Phone No.
  • Fax No.
  • Date of Birth
  • Email
  • Home Address
  • Address and name of the company on behalf of which the application is submitted
  • The type of registration of the organization (i.e. as a company, a Society, etc.) plus Certificate
  • The role of the organizer in the organisation


  • Date
  • Time
  • What is the purpose of the event
  • The location for the celebration (if there is a procession, indicate the point of assembly along with the full route and the point of dispersal)
  • Did the organizer get the permission of the management or owner in charge for the Lion Dance if there is a need for approval from the owner/management concerned if the Lion Dance is to be held in the common space of a private structure or property?

More Information:

    • The name of the uniform that will be worn by participants , or logos that will be placed on flags, banners, T-shirts, etc.
    • Are there any dinner parties such as drawing of ‘fapau or similar events planned prior to or following during the Lion Dance?

Provide the number and the size of the unicorn, lion, or dragon of this application.

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