How to Apply for Massage Establishment Licence in Hong Kong

Apply for Massage Establishment Licence in Hong Kong

  • Before you make an application for an Massage establishment Licence it is recommended to first seek advice from the Planning Department to confirm whether the planning permission required in accordance with Section 16 in the Town Planning Ordinance, Cap 131 is required prior to submitting any financial plan for a massage establishment in the desired location.If the approval of the Town Planning Board is considered required for the proposed location the applicant should first seek permission for the same before submitting an application the Police Licensing Office for a Massage Establishments Licence.
  • If there is no need for planning permission for the proposed site or permission for planning is granted to the Town Planning Board, the applicant must submit a maximum of five copies of the application forms (photocopies are accepted) and signed by the applicant in person or via mail.•
  • The application forms are all completely free. The forms are accessible in the Police Licensing Office. An online hyperlink to this application is available under the ‘Documents to Use. The form could be filled out either in English as well as Chinese by the applicant.
    Owners/partners/shareholders of any proposed massage establishment should appoint a licensee who is considered as a fit and proper person and who can adequately and personally supervise their proposed massage establishment.
  • The Police Licensing Office will only begin processing the application once it has received all documents that have been completed.
  • After receiving an application upon receipt, upon receipt of an application Police Licensing Office would, within two working days, forward an application to the relevant departments of the government for their comments to be included in the compilation of letters of requirement.

Office Locations and Contacts

Liquor as well as Miscellaneous Licensing

12/F Arsenal House, Police Headquarters,
1. Arsenal Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
(MTR Admiralty Station Exit D/ Wan Chai Station Exit C)

Tel. No. :
Temporary Liquor Licence / Music Permit for Instruments: 2860 6052
Pawnbrokers Licence / Massage Establishment Licence : 2860 6524

Faxline: 2200 4325


Fee for Licence: $9,750 HKD


A Massage Establishments License is valid for 12 months.

Documents to Utilize

Applications for issue of an Massage Establishments Licence


Police Commissioner (also known as the “Commissioner”) Police (“the the Commissioner”) has been appointed as the Licensing Authority.

The Commissioner will not issue an authorization unless he is sure that:

  • (a) the person applying is a suitable and qualified person to run the establishment of a massage;
  • (b) the applicant must be able to personally and effectively oversee the establishment that offers massages;
  • (c) the location and their surroundings are conducive to the operation of a massage establishment and

(d) The massage establishment is not operated in a manner that is incompatible with the public interesse.

Required Documents For Massage Establishment Licence

  • “Massage establishment” or “massage establishment” refers to any location that is intended or used to be utilized or portrayed to be used for treatment or reception of people who require massage or similar treatment or service.
  • A license is required to operate an establishment for massage.

Information that could be helpful

Before you begin your application

  • Contact or call the Planning Department to see if permits are required to establish massage facilities in the location proposed.
  • Select a suitable and competent person who can effectively and personally oversee the proposed establishment of massage to be the licensed person.
  • Request an official Certificate of Compliance from the Home Affairs Department if the proposed establishment of massage is in the scope of the statutory requirements of clubs as per the Clubs (Safety of Premises) Ordinance.
  • Get an Commercial Bathhouse Licence from the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department If the massage establishment you are considering will provide bathing facilities after payment of the fee.
  • Designate an authorized person or a registered structural engineer if significant alteration works need to be completed.
  • Follow and adhere to the licensing requirements and conditions. Any violation of licensing conditions or irregularity detected is subject to a penalty and could affect renewal of the license.

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