How to Apply for Motor Vehicle Loan (Ministry of Education) In Jamaica

Apply for Motor Vehicle Loan (Ministry of Education) In Jamaica By Yourself

  1. To apply for an Motor Vehicle loan through the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Information (MOEY). Check out MOEY’s contact information by clicking this hyperlink: Link
  2. Download the Motor Vehicle Loan Application form at the ministry’s office, or download it from the MOEY’s site using this URL: Link (Click on “Motor Vehicle Loan Application form.doc” to download the form)
  3. Complete the application correctly
  4. Make sure you have all required documents described below in the “Required Documents” section below. Attach all the required documents to your application form.
  5. Go to the MOEY’s office, and send your application to the person at the office at the service desk.
  6. The official will verify if your application is as complete as per the requirements
  7. Then , the application will be sent to the relevant authority to be approved by the loan
  8. In the event that the loan gets approved You will be notified by the minister via your contact information

Required Documents For Apply for Motor Vehicle Loan

  • The completed application form must be submitted.
  • Proforma invoice from the Dealer
  • Certificate of Fitness
  • Vehicle Registration Certificate for Motor Vehicle Registration Certificate
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Two Guarantors
  • Certified Statement of Salary Annual as well as Net Monthly Salary
  • The last 3 pay slips
  • Driver’s License
  • Evidence of Address – 2 recent utility bills under:
    • Telephone, Electricity, Water
    • A stamped copy of the Mortgage Rent Receipt
  • Note from Lending Institution stating:
    • The reason for the loan
    • Age and Make of Vehicle
    • Information about the institution’s account
    • Engine
    • Chassis
    • The Original Loan Amount
    • Current Balance of Loan

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Education, Youth, and InformationAddress: 2 National Heroes Cir, Kingston, Jamaica
Tel: 876-922-1400-9
Website: Link
Contact information as well as regional office: Link
Teachers Financial Services
Ministry of Education
2. National Heroes Circle
Kingston 4
Tel: 612-5729/5724/5720
Fax: 948-5609


Principals, Vice-Principals, Master Teachers Work Experience Teachers, Lecturers, and Guidance Counsellors who hold minimum two years of permanent appointment, and who have completed at least ten years of consecutive work in the Ministry of Education are eligible to apply.


The application is completely free.

Documents to Utilize

Formulation for application: Link (word Doc)

The Information You Need

  • Full Name
  • Home Address
  • Email Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Status of Permanent or Provisional
  • Post
  • School in which the teacher is employed
  • Address of the School
  • The school’s telephone number
  • Allowance Post carries
  • Loan Amount requested
  • Make and age of Vehicle
  • Regions for Travel (Parishes)
  • Average Monthly Mileage for Duty
  • The amount and the date of the installment (if applicable)
  • Signature and Date

Documentation is needed

The loan helps individuals who qualify to purchase the motor vehicle they want to purchase

External Links

MOEY: Link



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