How to Apply for Music and Film Copyright Notice In Jamaica

Apply for Music and Film Copyright Notice In Jamaica By Yourself

  1. To provide a music and copyright notice to film it is necessary to submit an inquiry to Jamaica Intellectual Property Office (JIPO). You can view the JIPO office map and contact information via this JIPO contact link.
  2. Visit go to the JIPO office to pick up the visit the JIPO office to obtain the Music or Film Form. The form can be downloaded on JIPO’s website. JIPO site Forms for application (find “Music as well Film Form” under the heading “COPYRIGHT”).
  3. Completion of the notice form as required and then obtain a document that you’re issuing the notice to and add it to the form.
  4. Visit the JIPO office to pay the fees required of $500 at Commissioner of Customs. Commissioner of Customs and obtain the receipt for payment.
  5. Completely submit your application, along with the work as well as the receipt for payment in the hands of JIPO’s service desk. JIPO representative at the desk of service to verify your application.
  6. An JIPO officer will verify that the form has been correct and will forward the application to JIPO for further processing.
  7. This notice is processed and submitted to Jamaica customs for execution of the request for the notice.

Required Documents For Apply for Music and Film Copyright Notice

  • Application form.
  • Work must be secured.
  • Reception of payment.

Office Locations and Contacts

Jamaica Intellectual Property OfficeAddress:18 Trafalgar Road, Kingston 10Jamaica, West Indies
Tel: 876.946-1300, 946-0789, 946-9216
Fax: 876.927-6744
Contact details
Website link

National Library of Jamaica (NLJ)
Address 12 East StreetKingston
Tel: (876)967-1526, (876)967-1526, (876)967-2494

Local Societies
Jamaica Music Society Ltd (JAMMS)
Address Location: No.27 Stanton Terrace No.27 Stanton Terrace
Kingston 6
Tel: 876 978 3275 / 876 322 4245

The Jamaica Association of Authors
Composers & Publishers (JACAP)
21 Connolley AvenueKingston
Tel: 876 9486439, 876 9485937


The person or the author who writes a piece or has a legal representative for it is qualified to apply.


$500, payable directly to the Commissioner of Customs.

Documents to Utilize

Application form

Processing Time

The application will be processed within a day.

Requirements Information

  • Name of the signatory.
  • The name and the address of creator.
  • The title of a film or music.
  • Label label, mark, or declaration that is carried by work.
  • The date on which copyright expires.
  • The date on which copyright expires.
  • Information on the Expected Importation.
  • Declaration.

The Document is required

The notice protected against infringing Copies of the Sound Recording or Film to be brought into Jamaica.

Information that can be useful

Act on Copyright

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