How to Apply for National Tax Number (NTN) In Pakistan

Apply for National Tax Number (NTN) In Pakistan By Person

  1. Take all the necessary documents and then visit the closest RTO at your address.
  2. You must bring the following: Original CINC and your cell phone, a utility bill that you paid of business premises that is not older by 3 months (for business-related individuals only) Documentation of tenancy or ownership the business location (business private individuals are not required)
  3. Facilitation officers will review the authenticity of your documents and then begin the registration procedure.
  4. Fill out the form 181 (form of registration that is filed in a voluntary manner) (income tax).
  5. Attach and scan the above documents to the application.
  6. If you are verified, you will get If you are verified, you will receive a Login ID along with a Password by SMS or an email.
  7. Print out the form 181 through your account, then log in with your ID and password.

Apply through Internet

  1. Go to Iris’s login page: Iris Login page to login
  2. Self-register yourself by clicking “Registration for a person who is not registered”
  3. Complete the necessary document in the appropriate section, then submit it.
  4. The pin code information through the SMS in your Cell number and email address you have provided.
  5. Input the pin codes into the appropriate box, i.e. SMS code or Email Code. Then click verify.
  6. If the information you provide is verified, you’ll be issued your login ID and password by SMS as well as the Email.
  7. Log in/if logged in, Apply for the 181 (Form of Registration, filed in a voluntary manner) (Tax revenue) that can be found in the draft file on Iris.
  8. Include the documents below, if necessary in the case of a utility bill that has been paid from premises for business that is not more than 3 months old (for solely business people) Proof of tenancy, or ownership of premises for business (business people only).
  9. Send the registration form
  10. Review the task folder that you have completed on Iris after 5 minutes . Then take a look at 181 (Oder to approve or deny registration of application) and then print the form.

Application of Non-Residence

  1. If you want to be registered as a non-resident tax payer, you’ll require an authorized representative to register your behalf.
  2. A proxy then go to RTO RTO using the documents below:
    • Authority letter form that is not you
    • Copy of your current original passport
    • The number for the cell phone of the proxy
    • The proxy’s email address
    • A paid utility bill for business premises that is not more by more than three months (for solely business individuals).
    • Proof of tenancy, or the ownership of premises for business (business private individuals are not eligible).
  3. The facilitator will check the authenticity of your documents and start the registration procedure.
  4. Complete the form 181 (form of registration submitted voluntarily) (income tax). Attach the above documents, and then submit the application
  5. If it is confirmed, the proxy will be issued with login in the credentials of the account that was created.
  6. You should print out the form 181 from your account. Login using the ID and password provided :

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Required Documents For Apply for National Tax Number (NTN)

Documents required to Register Business NTNs in Pakistan

  • A copy of a valid CNIC
  • Copy of the recently paid electricity bill of the business website
  • Blank Letter Head for Business
  • Papers related to property or rental Agreement(Rental agreement printed on the Rs. 200/Stamp paper)
  • Contact Numbers (Mobile and Landline) as well as a valid email address
  • Nature of Business

Documents required for NTN Registration of a Company in Pakistan

  • Original copy of valid CNIC of Directors
  • Copy of the recently paid electricity bill for the company’s website
  • Papers for property as well as Rental Agreement (Rental Agreement printed on the Rs. 200(or less) stamp paper)
  • National Tax Number for Directors of all companies
  • Blank Letter Heads for Companies
  • Memorandum of Association Certified Copies
  • Articles of Association Certified Copies
  • Form 29 Form 21 Accredited Copies
  • Copies of Certificates of Registration for Companies of Incorporation Copy
  • Bank Account Maintenance and Statement Certificate
  • Contact Numbers (Mobile and Landline) and a valid email address
  • Authorization letter to be signed by the company’s directors to designate one director to represent the company to the tax authorities to facilitate the company’s NTN registration, and to obtain all online account information such as PIN, User ID and Password
  • Nature of Business

Documents required for NTN Registration of Salaried Persons in Pakistan

  • A copy of a valid CNIC
  • Copy of the recently paid house electric bill
  • Recent salary slips or Letters from the Employer
  • Contact Numbers (Mobile and Landline) as well as a valid email address
  • National Tax Number (NTN) of the employer Office Address, an email address that is valid

Documents required to Register Firm NTN in Pakistan

  • Copy of current CNIC for all Business partners
  • Copy of the recently paid electric bill for website of business
  • Property papers as well as Rental arrangement (Rental Contract printed on the Rs. 200/Stamp paper)
  • National Tax Number for all business partners
  • A Business Letterhead Blank
  • Partnership Deed Copy (Attested)
  • Copies of the Firm Registration Certificate (Form C)
  • Contact Numbers (Mobile and Landline) and a valid Email address
  • Profit& Loss Sharing Ratio among partners
  • Nature of Business

Office Locations and Contacts

Federal Board of RevenueConstitution Avenue Sector G-5
Islamabad, Pakistan 44000
Tell: +92 51 111 772 772
Web site:

In Charge NTN Cell
Old CBR Building
CDA Block -II, Opp.
Lal Masjid
Ph: 051-9204911

Incharge NTN Cell,
1st Floor, Billaur Palace,Mcleod Road, Lahore.
Ph: 042-7312732

Incharge NTN Cell,
3rd Floor, Income Tax Building, Shahrah-e-Kamal Attaturk, Karachi.
Ph: 021-9211330,021-9211068
Fax: 021-9212534

Incharge NTN Cell,
Ground Floor, Income Tax House, Queens Road, Sukkur
Ph: 071-9310149
Fax: 071-9310148

Incharge NTN Cell,
56, Tariq Road, Income Tax House, Multan.
Ph: 061-9201101
Fax: 061-9201102

Incharge NTN Cell,
Second Floor 2nd Floor, Second Floor, Income Tax Building, Opp. Allied Hospital, Sargodha Road, Faisalabad.
Ph: 041-9210310
Fax: 041-9210126

Incharge NTN Cell,
Ground Floor of the Revenue Tax Building, G. T. Road, Gujranwala
Ph: 055-9200797

Incharge NTN Cell,
Ground Floor of the Revenue Tax Building, Katchery Road, Sialkot
Ph: 052-9250430
Fax: 052-9250429

Incharge NTN Cell,
Ground Floor Regional Taxpayer’s Office ( RTO’s) and the Income Tax Building, Jamroud Road, Peshawar
Ph: 091-9206091
Fax: 091-9206092

Incharge NTN Cell,
Ground Floor Income Tax Office, Spinny Road, Quetta
Fax: 081-9201376

Incharge NTN Cell,
Ground Floor Ground Floor, Revenue Tax Building, Civil Lines, Hyderabad.
Ph: 022-2782961, 022-2782962
Fax: 022-9200205

Incharge NTN Cell,
Computer Center, 32-C, Near H.B.L, Model Town-A, Shabbir Shaheed Road, Bahawalpur
Ph: 062-9255280

Incharge NTN Cell,
Income Tax Complex, Canal Colony, Sahiwal
Ph: 040-9200089
Fax: 040-9200180

NTN Cell, Pral
Regional Tax Office
University road
Ph: 048-9239082


Every citizen of Pakistan who paying tax are eligible to apply for NTN which includes

  • Companies.
  • Association of Persons (AOP)
  • Individual(s)


No cost is charged


It’s valid for a lifetime.

Documents to Utilize

PDF form to download of registration made by a person who is willing to
Document tax on income

Processing Time

One day


Registration of NTN

  1. The National Tax Number, also called NTN can be described as a distinct identification issued by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) the highest tax authority in Pakistan to confirm the business’s registration. NTN registration is required for any business. NTN identification is needed to carry out any tax-exempt activity, whether salaried or business-related. In addition, you will need NTN to file the tax returns (sales tax or property tax, income tax, or additional tax). Additionally to that, an NTN identification is needed for opening an account at a bank for business and to be able to make a banking transaction within Pakistan.
  2. Once you have completed your NTN registration, you will be able to become a tax payer and not fret about additional cost of taxes or penalties, when you make a financial transaction, such as bank cash withdrawals and monthly or annual profits from savings accounts, vehicle registration, dividends and other gains in cash from stocks or other investment type.
  3. In accordance with the Income Tax Ordinance 2001 issued by FBR each company is required to be registered with an NTN identification in Pakistan to submit annual tax returns to conduct business in the country. Since the introduction and implementation of the Income Tax Ordinance in 2001 The NTN has been issued with a long-lasting tax number , and there is no requirement to renew it regularly. This has added facilitation to the NTN application in Pakistan.

Requirements Information

  • Name (Company Name, Individual, or AOP Name (Company, Individual, or AOP)
  • Gender
  • Birth/ Inc. Date
  • AOP Registered Office address for Companies and Business Address for Mailing and Individual and AOP, for all correspondence
  • Category
  • Status/Citizenship
  • CNIC/PP No.
  • Reg. / Inc. No
  • PTCL No.
  • Principal Activity
  • Other Business Activities that are in addition to the principal activity described above.
  • Business Nature (IT ST)
  • Register for
  • Rep./Authorized Rep.
  • Director/Shareholder/Partner
  • Branch/Business
  • Bank Accounts
  • Employer
  • Declaration

Documentation is needed

National Tax Number (NTN) is a number used by the government of Pakistan as a means of tracking its citizens, permanent residents, and temporary residents for the purposes of work, taxation, government benefits, health care, and other governmentally-related functions. The NTN number will be displayed on the official documents issued by the Pakistan’s government. Pakistan.

Information that could be helpful

The form for the application of a new registration may be used to make modifications to the specifics of a tax payer (Company AOP, Company, or Individual).
The taxpayers who have obtained a user-id, password and PIN can apply for change in particulars online after successful login to the FBR Portal at

Other uses for the document/certificate

NTN can be used for Import and export of products.

External Links


To take advantage of the many digital services (e-Services) that are provided by FBR such as changing the registration details, e-File of returns (Sales Tax as well as Income Tax) and the e-Filing of Tax Withholding Statements and e-Payments. You may apply for electronic enrollment (e-enrollment by clicking on the menu)and username, password and PIN.

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