How to Apply for National Tuition Assistance In Bahamas

Apply for National Tuition Assistance In Bahamas By Online

  1. To be eligible to be considered for “The National Tuition Assistance Programme” the applicant must apply Online.
  2. Click the link below to sign up on the online link.
  3. On the right-hand side of the page, click the “Apply” Tab.
  4. The site will be directed to an “Sign Sign Up” Page. You can then click the button “Sign Sign Up”.
  5. The user must supply the email address as well as their password in order to register for an account.
  6. After registering an applicant will be sent an email with confirmation.
  7. The account holder must click the confirmation link to confirm their account.
  8. Now , the applicant can start making use of the system to submit an online application.
  9. The applicant has to fill out with the application form, and submit all required documents, as specified in the “Required Documents” section prior to the last Friday of April.
  10. The applicant should not miss any information, as incomplete documents are not evaluated as valid by The National Scholarship Committee.
  11. A candidate will be informed regarding the final decision by the National Scholarship Committee by telephone via e-mail, post or telephone by the beginning of July.

Required Documents For Apply for National Tuition Assistance 

  • Copy of the relevant certifications along with test outcomes (AA, GCE, BGCSE, SAT, etc.)
  • A pair of letters One from a teacher/lecturer at a high school or employer, and another from an influential community leader
  • Copy of admissions letter
  • Current transcripts for high school, other institutions like the University of The Bahamas or other institutions
  • An original copy of your current National Insurance Card
  • Copy of the first 4 pages of the passport, or a proof of your citizenship
  • A short, concise statement of not over 150 words describing your career goals, the wish to make a return trip home to The Bahamas, and contribution you plan to make following the completion of your academic program.
  • Documentation of the Parent/Guardian’s Income (both parents or guardians need to possess a letter from their employer or pay stub)
  • Certificate of Medical Fitness Certificate (can be presented following the notification that you’ve been awarded the certificate)

Office Locations and Contacts

The Chairman of the National Scholarship Committee,
The Scholarship & Educational Loan Division,
Ministry of Education,
Shirley Street, Nassau,
P. O. Box N-3913
Nassau, Bahamas.
Contact Address Contact Information Link


The applicant must be:

  • You must be the Bahamian citizen, a resident of The Bahamas and of strong moral character.
  • Minimum required GPA that is 2.5 (or comparable) in order to be considered for National Tuition Assistance. National Tuition Assistance to pursue vocational and technical studies or 3.0 (or equivalent) in consideration for an application for National Tuition Assistance to pursue academic studies.
  • Provide a profi of financial need analysis of family’s income, grants, scholarships or loans
  • Exhibit good leadership qualities/contribution to school and community.
  • Acceptance into an accredited institution that is pursuing an approved program of study.
  • You must not be the holder of any other Ministry of Education award/scholarship at the time of applying.
  • Get the minimum requirement of 12 credits in a semester


There are no processing fees.


Insufficient performance, inability to enroll, inability take on full course load and/or bad behavior as well as any other cause that is acceptable by any other reason acceptable to the National Scholarship Committee may result in the cancellation of the scholarship at any time.

Processing Time

The applicant will be selected and notified within the beginning of July.

Need to have the Document

It is a financial aid program designed to help those who are pursuing advanced, technical, or postgraduate studies. Tuition Assistance each year.

Information that can be useful

Website Link


The scholarship is in the amount of $7,500.00 and will be granted for a maximum period of four years of studying. The National Tuition Assistance program is offered to students who have completed their studies in approved foreign and local universities as well as vocational and technical schools, as well as other institutions of higher education.

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