How to Obtain National Identity Card In Mali

Obtain National Identity Card In Mali By Online

  1. Take yourself to the nearest police station, the gendarmerie or sub-prefecture.
  2. Go to the Identity Card Section.
  3. Supply the necessary information to the discretion of the officer responsible.
  4. A person in charge of the section affixes the photograph of the applicant and forwards the image to the chief of the Section.
  5. The section’s Chief examines the information contained that is on the document, documents it , and then sends it back to Chief of Police to get his signature and approval, and then sends it back to the Identity Card Section where it is laminated and handed to the person applying for it.

Required Documents For Obtain National Identity Card

  • Identification photos
  • The identity card which is nearing expiration (or copies from the excerpt of birth certificates or family booklet, wedding certificate ) or person applying could bring two witnesses in the area, with valid ID documents)
  • Tax stamps (500 plus 200 CFA francs) (approximately $CDN1.10 + $CDN0.10[approximately $CDN1.10 + $CDN0.10]

Office Locations and Contacts

National PoliceEUCAP Sahel Mali
Route Nationale 5, Sbnikoro
B.P. E2953 Bamako MAL


  • You must belong to a Mali citizen, and at the age of 18.


1,000 CFA, which is approximately $CDN2.20 at the time of picking up the card together with the receipt


An National Identity Card is valid for 3 years.

Processing Time

In order to get the card The delay must be 24 hours


The official from the embassy noted that it’s “normally” not feasible to get an identity card that is national in any country other than Mali. As per the official’s statement, citizens of Mali may however get consular identity cards which proves that he is a Mali citizen as well as “serves as an official national identification card”. The identity card for consular purposes can only issued by Malian consulates, embassies, and general consulates in other countries, since it’s not a part of the mission of honorary consuls to issue these cards.

Documentation is needed

According to the website of the government of Mali, “L’Administration votre service”(“Administration at your service”), the issuance of the Mali national identity card is based on the Decree No. 14/PG/RM dated January 9, 1988, establishing and regulations for the issue of identity cards as well as consular ID card (Dcret no. 14/PG/RM of 09 January 1988 portant institution and rglementation of the validity of the card of identity and de la carte consular) (Mali n.d.b. ).

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How to Obtain National Identity Card In Mali
How to Obtain National Identity Card In Mali

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